Labour Day Game in Regina Close to a sell out

I hear that there are only a few endzone seats left for the LD game.

There are some rumours that the team will consider bring in extra seats for at least part of the season if the overall ticket sales continue at the current rate.

Currently some 80% of the seats for the season have been sold.... and individual game day tickets have yet to be put on the market (note: some group game day tickets have been sold via flexi packs)

There is a rumour that the entire season could be more or less sold out before they snap a down in the home opener.

When I called to redeem some flex tickets (after days of trying and hours on hold) the games I wanted had VERY limited choices (nothing on lower part of West side, row 50+ on East side...).

...sold out every game, that is great news for the Riders.....good job Sask!!....

No doubt. Time to start adding more seats!

If that's the case why not build some temporary/permanent end zone seats.
Better still, again I am on my soapbox to nuke TF and build a new spanking 35,000 seat stadium and combination Convention Centre and shopping plaza.
Like Mr. Asper.
Wake up city of Regina and its residents.

Wake up city of Regina and its residents? You are pedaling OUR OWN IDEA as yours!!! Wake up Argotom!!! LOL. I'll admit, you mentioned this April. 20th in the Sask. forum. Notice the dates particularly on the post I, a resident of Regina who could share a bit of local perspective, posted a week earlier. Who are you trying to fool or make fools of? Are you perhaps still bitter that the Rider fans MADE the Grey Cup a success in your back yard?

First mine...

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then yours...

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Thanks for coming out...


Honestly, "kel", grow up. Who cares if you mentioned the idea first on the forum. I'm sure other people mentioned it off the forum long before you even had an idea.

i think argotom has been mentioning every city get new stadiums for YEARS…so hes still first.

Thanks DG for setting the record straight.
CFL are you in the race game?
Who cares who mentioned it first, just build the damn thing Regina and stop being an embarassment to its citizens and the country for the delapidated stadium.
Ditto for Hamilton whose IW is no better, falling apart one sore bench at a time. Oh yes, the place does have great sightlines and that's the only thing going for it.

Geez Tom with that attitude I suppose while we are at it we'll 'doze Castle Loma(?) and the many sporting legacy of eyesores in the GTA! You don't get it do you? I'm not upset that you want a new stadium to replace a substandard one. I wanted to illustrate that the idea wasn't new or yours. I'm miffed cuz' you take shots at me and my hometown. Grow up or show up broseph.


Wow Kel your a real hero! But really who cares I try to forget what you post as soon as a read them. They are insignificant.

Wow! Seems the Riders are taking things to the next level in terms of fan support. At this pace, its only a matter of time till they will need to seriously look at constructing a new stadium. Awesome news! (if its in fact true)

oooooooooo, Burn :lol:

Congrats Riders if you can sell out all the games. This is not only good for Rider fans but for all teams in the league. This adds to the excitment of the game. By the way Labor day in Calgary is a sellout and that is a given.

Now if we in Toronto can only sellout.
A pipe dream?

That sucks. I already reserved a hotel room but haven't been able to get seats to the game yet. It looks like I may not be making my annual drive to Regina after all. Good thing I made sure I could cancel out of my hotel reservations in the event I couldn't get tickets.

Actualleeeeee...the Argos could have several sellouts this season. They have closed off the upper deck and have capped attendance at 31,000.

The Lions also did this for several seasons and it helped spur season ticket sales. It created demand by limited supply. Many walk-up fans decided to buy ST to guarantee themselves a decent seat in the reduced stadium.

Now that the lower bowl is packed, the Lions have re-opened the upper deck. So instead of starting with 14,000 ST holders in a 55,000 seat stadium, the Lions have nearly 25,000 ST holders in the lower bowl (up from only 6,000 ST five years ago). Congrats to D. Braley, B. Ackles and W. Buono!

i just hope toronto forces people to go to thier seats instead of watching entire games from the concourse…

it makes it seem like noones there, when infact people are just choosing to watch from concorse instead of thier seats.

Best get your dialing finger ready for Monday. Whatever's left goes on sale to the public then.

Have you ever been to TF? Yes is has some issues, though the club has been making improvements. We have season tickets on the east side on the 50-55 yardlines and think our seats are great! I have been to most of the other CFL stadiums and feel that overall TF stands up just fine to these facilities.

Perhaps you can be specific about what is delapidated with TF? I like the wooden benches, much better that metal or plastic in the heatcold. The worst seats I have ever been in are the bucket seats in the Peg!

One only has to look at attendance stats for the past few decades to see that a 'fancy" stadium does not automatically mean good attendance!