Labour Day Game - Argos - Traditions

Hello Ticats Fans .

I was wondering if you could all share what you do on this day traditionally :

For example :

What do you do before the game and where do you go and when do you start ? Tailgating ?
What about during the game ? and before in the stadium
After the game ? Where do you go ?

I am just hoping we all can maximize this great football experience ....I will be sitting behind the ticats bench around the 30 - 40 yeard line and yelling my head off

Don't forget to be LOUD when the ARGOS have the ball and not so loud when we THE TICATS have the ball .


8) I thought you wanted to give you Labour Day tickets away ???
  Please......Make up your mind !!   I have  a friend who would have given you double the face value for the tickets !!

   He is desperate to cheer on his Argos to a big victory in Hamilton !!!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I was just trying to emphasize my degree of frustration . I love going to the labor day classic is a war and party
and about 5,000 extra younger parties show to liven things up a bit and we are alll born to hate the argos

Yup, Argos are the big city team, with lots of money but not lots of home type love in their own town. :lol:

Only in Toronto as they say, well somewhat here in The Hammer as well, with their/our team. :wink:

Good day gerbear9,
We usually take our son to my wifes friends house in the morning for breakfast and then me and her husband go to the game.
After, we go back to his house for a bbq and bonfire. Also we might do fireworks this year.
Its all about good times with great friends. Win or lose it is always a great day.

Unless there is a Retro game, usually the classic is the one day I bust out my homemade retro Ti-Cat cap that has my accumulated collectible pins.