Labour Day Game '21 Thread

Lots of questions but it still boils down to basic football. Oline, Dline, Special teams.

How much has the team improved. How far it still has to go.

30 minutes to go...

Ready to watch some Ticats football from THF!

Go Cats from the concourse.

Watching from Belleville but cheering like I'm at THF!

Any word on in/out privileges. Hasn't been much talk.

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Ready to go!!

All set here in Sundridge. At least one of my kids is in the drum line. Make some noise

Sundridge?? I have family there and have spent a lot of time there the past year helping to care for my mom! Small world!

Pickerel Lake

That's a little far north!

Let hope O-line is good today !!

Nope, 10 miles east of Sundridge

Sorry - you're right I was thinking of something else! DUH!!!

For some dumb reason I was thinking of Pickle Lake which IS far north.

Ungerer, White, and Acklin getting the touches so far...

Liking the look of this drive. Important to get some points on the board first. Chip away and use up some clock time.

And of course I put Dunbar Jr in my line up this week!
Settling for three after that missed catch. Better than nothing. Now to see if the D can shut down the other guys!

Good 1st Drive too bad we only get 3

Yup - That was a catchable pass. Must be something about wearing #12!

WOO HOO Brooks! Way to go D!

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