Labour Day Fans / Real Fans

Last nite, something really pissed me off! It had to do with the crowd. It was nice to see the place almost full but then I realized that it was labour day. It's really starting to annoy me that a certain group of people only show up to the Labour Day game.

I know, tickets are expensive and I used to only go to 2 games a year as a kid but I want to see IWS full, game in game out. I know that most people on this forum are probably season tix holders and my message will go on deaf ears but it just makes me mad.

It's these "labourdayites" that also start the wave when we have the ball and cheer loudly when the offense is on the field.

You don't have to be a serious football fanatic like myself to enjoy the games but please try to understand.

Labour day is the best game of the year, bar none and it's for 2 reasons, the Argos and Labour Day.

I think there is always an excuse not to come to more than 1 game. The team isn't good, the tickets are expensive, I don't like this start time or that start time, I don't like Thursdays, it's too big of a commitment.

That's all garbage. You can sit in the end zone for less than 15 bucks a game. I sat in sec 9 2 years ago for 18.50 per game! The schedule is what it is, deal with it.

The cats aren't that good, I agree, but just wait for all of the bandwagon jumpers when they start putting 3 good years together and start winning consistenty. Then the people on the 5th qtr will say, oh yeah, i've always supported the cats, blah, blah, blah.

I'm just sick of it. The cats suck, okay, but this is the fun of sports. I heard a great example, if you are a Yankee fan, you are expected to win the world series every year. When they win, are you really happy? That's what they were supposed to do?

I've come to the conclusion that I luv rooting for perennial losers (cats/bills/sabres/blue jays/raptors) because when they do do something good, it's unexpected and feels great knowing that you have always supported them. Think of an Atlanta Braves fan, they made the playoffs for 14 or 15 years in a row. After a while, you get sick of. You have to take the good with the bad. I don't mind a bad season or two but the cats are going to turn it around. It will be with a different coach but they will turn it around.

I think the cats have done a good jobs with promotions, (flex pack / half time / giveaways) to attract people to the stadium. Since everyone only comes on Labour Day, I think it's great that they jack up the pricing.

I pay $38 bucks a game for an excellent seat in sec 8. Tell me, what can you do for $38 bucks anymore?

A dinner and movie for 2 is over $50 bucks. A concert is no less than $70 per ticket. Camping is 30 bucks a nite, going to the casino is at least a hundred bucks.

If you can't afford season tickets, get a flex pack or get endzone seats and move to the middle as no one sits there anyways.

I am just so frustrated! The crowd last nite was amazing but it's a one time a year thing. Can you imagine if the cats played to a crowd like that game in, game out??????????? They would play so much better! No jokes!!!

Please everybody in Ticatland, buy your flex packs, let's show the cats that we still support then on a weekly basis other than labour day.