Labour Day Classique?

When in the hell did we become French? Each time I heard the announcements at the game last night I just got angrier. Who makes these decisions? Anyone else out there get peeved off at this as well?

Um... no. They are calling it that because they're playing the Als. I thought that was very clear. It's a joke. Not anything to get "peeved off" about.

Also, Canada is an officially bilingual country. Like it or not, French is one of those languages.

You're right about one thing......."It's a joke!"

:roll: Is the context lost on you?

Montreal is from Quebec. Quebec is a French-speaking province. Montreal is playing in the Labour Day Classic. Classique is how you say Classic in French. Does it make sense now?

This really isn't a big deal. In fact, it's no deal at all. I have no idea why anyone would (a) care or (b) get all up in arms about it.

Is it really a classic or "classique" when this is the first time they have played each other on Labour Day in recent memory? Just sayin.

Thanks for spelling this out, it is a clever promotion. And the Ticats won an exciting game last night.

So are you mad that they are using French or that they are using Classic/Classique to describe the game? I can't tell why you're angry anymore.

When we saw it on the scoreboard last night, we all chuckled. To quote one person in our group, "That's very clever." It's nice to have fun sometimes. I'm glad not everything has to be so serious. Give my regards to the person or persons who came up with the idea. It's brilliant.

I guess what I am saying is that I am angry because of both. But I guess that's my right as a Canadian citizen. Freedom of Speech. When a province puts the rest of Canada second, and claims their province as their own country, one can get a little disgruntled with them.

And as far as Blogskee spelling it out for me..... I was forced to take French in school, so I am well aware that classique is the french spelling for classic.

I tend to be a harsh critic of attempts at humour by Ticats marketing, but I thought this was actually a stroke of genius. On the surface level, changing it to "Classique" because the Als are from Quebec is mildly amusing at best, but it scores points with me because it's an acknowledgement that this matchup isn't the traditional "Classic" and therefore deserves a different spelling. It's like when knock-off products use a mangled version of the brand name, like "Rolox" or "Adadas". I thought it was a great way of taking the edge off possible fan backlash over the matchup change by making light of the situation. Big thumbs up from me.

No problems here. This country was New France for 150 years before the English arrived, so Quebec can be as loud and proud as it wants.

Interesting analogy safetyblitz. I never thought of it that way. :thup: :thup:

As someone who got the high mark of 23 per cent in Grade 10 French, I hear you bub. (It was my last attempt to "learn" another language). One thing though, is that anyone who thinks they are "forced" to learn anything in school has the wrong attitude. Knowledge is king in this world and any opportunity to acquire it should be looked at as a good thing and not in a negative way. :wink:

Our group at the game thought it was quite clever, and we all had a chuckle.

Seems to have been the feeling of the majority in our section too.

Oh well, just goes to prove that you can't please everybody.

Then again, the rest of Canada has a tendency to put that province second, so sometimes I can't really blame them for doing the same to us.


TiCats just tweeted: "This will be the ninth time the #TiCats have hosted the #Alouettes on Labour Day. The Ticats are 7-0-1 in the previous eight games.

I’m #justsayin

it not a big deal in Fact I Like it..
It a cleaver Twist to the Selling of game..

Um, would that be the one where June tells Ward he should have been harder on the Beaver?