labour-day classics

hamilton vs toronto
ottawa vs montreal
saskatchewan vs winnipeg
edmonton vs calgary

has BC ever had a labour-day rival???
in the future, it could be halifax for east coast vs west coast.

wouldnt it be cool if, each year one labour-day game was hyped as the BIGGEST game of the all labour-day games?..this year it wouldn’t be hamilton vs toronto, cuz hamilton is outta it, so it would be the one that has more impact on the standings. so this year would prolly be calgary vs edmonton…
and b4 the game they hired (famed boxing anouncer ) Micheal Buffer to do the announcing…next year, they would hype a different labour day battle as the marqee of the year.
Micheal Buffer:
ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the CFL’s 2005 labour-day classic.
introducing first, with a labour-day record of ?-?, the 5 time grey cup champions, the CALGARY STAMPEDERS ( crowd boos loudly ).
now introducing, with a labour-day record of ?-?, the 12 time grey cup champions, the EDMONTON ESKIMOS!!!( crowd cheers wildly )
… you are about to witness the next chapter in the historic BATTLE OF ALBERTA!!! here from Commonwealth stadium in EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA…LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! ( firewoks explode into the sky )

cllick this link to get hyped up:

The Leos don't have a labour day classic. That really sucks.

I’ll be watching the Stamps stampede the esks into the turf so there is still something to look forward to., the LDC Battle of Alberta is always played in Cowtown, so I doubt the crowd would boo when the stamps are announced.........except maybe the last three years, nah, even then.............hah, this year it's called the Pork Classic.......'cause of the pig farmers, not because what 90% of the crowd thinks about when the cheerleaders strut their stuff, oops, too much sangria tonight.........."The Labour Day Classic Pork Battle of Alberta" of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong, dum dee dum........

the Banjo bowl is gooding to be great this year, look for Winnipeg to kill the Riders butt!

correction: Banjo bowl is when the bombers kill the riders the week after they kill them in Regina on labour day

Close enough!

well, u get the idea, red&white!

just change it to calgary being the team cheered then.

but that idea ( micheal buffer )is cool, right?

I hope I'm just paranoid, but does anyone think Hamilton can actually beat T.O on Labour Day?

All bets are off..........when the ARGOS play HAMILTON on lLabour day.

If HALIFAX ever joins the CFL............B.C. verses HALIFAX........would be a natural choice for L.D.

i think halifax joining the CFL would be a much better fit then ,say, a quebec-city vs montreal rivalry, cuz then both BC and ottawa have no rivals…halifax fixes 2 problems…makes the CFL coast-to-coast, and provides BC with a much needed labour-day rival without messing up ottawa’s ( as quebec would do ).

is it my imagination or is there this eeerie silence coming out of Riderville lately.....c'mon greene- guys the labour day classic is just about upon us....make some noise... :stuck_out_tongue:

that is gonna be a HUGE series.....the importance to both teams to get those wins and get into the playoffs will make it THAT MUCH MORE intense

I guess we have been unusually quiet lately, but I for one am very depressed after witnessing the last 4 rider games :cry: ..BUT, I'm still optimistic that the riders are going to pull it together and that will start this Saturday!!! :smiley: ...and then....

Labour Day - Riders!!
Banjo Bowl - Riders!!

...please... :roll:

Oh don't worry we will make a loud noise for labour day, but right now we have some kitty cats that we have to euthanize first.