Labour Day classics???

Im not sure, but i sure enjoyed that first game

Im not going to say a whole lot about the game
besides asking two questions??

How you guys like our other runningback, Wes Cates??

You still think the Stamps need a fullback??

Next week the Stamps are going to try and do the league a big favour. Were going to put Edmonton
out of their misery. Dont you just love the idea
of Eskimos playing for next years jobs??? LOL

What happened in the Toronto/Hamilton game? I left to pick up my girlfriend at the begining of the 4th quarter, and Toronto was ahead 12-6..And the final was 40-6? :o

It was one TD after the other the QB throwing those TD's was one Jason Maas! But of course it was to the Argo DB's! Oh and did I mention fumbles for TD's