Labour Day Classic

[b]I| have been a ticat fan for most of my life. I am quite angry at this moment due to Labour Day Classic has now turned into a joke. That is what i think of what the schedule says. I dont know if the CFL has notice that Hamilton Fans love Toronto Hamilton games on Labour Day. You have tried several times at changing Labour Day games and it has been met with outrage. To top it off one of our home games is now in Moncton. People dont want to see Hamilton Montreal games we do however want to see Hamilton Calgary games. We only get a chance to see Calgary once in a year and now that has been taken away. Hamiltonians can go to Montreal to see them if we really wanted too see them. What are you trying to get Hamilton to leave. People dont go see Montreal, or Winnipeg, we do however go to see our Ticats beat Calgary and Toronto. You are taking the games that get the most attendance away from us and this is not good business sense. I am quite disappointed in this mess of a schedule.

Dishearted Ticat Fan [/b]

I'm ok with it. We hope to be vying with Montreal for first place this season, so playing the Als could be a very good game. The idea of hosting eh Argos on Labour Day has been great, and will happen again (one year later), but there were many, many years when this was not the habit. If the schedule situation is such that the Argos need to have a home game then to break a long stretch of away games, that seems fair to me. I don't like Rogers either, and I do enjoy hosting the Argos in the Classic, but this is fine.

Exactly steve. :thup:

I was thinking maybe this will give the cats that extra edge to beat montreal. and I think that they took away the calgary game because it is proven that statistically less people come out to the Calgary games.

I'd hope we can still pack the joint and be really loud on Labour Day. I mean the Als have had our number for the better part of a decade. It would be pretty sweet to beat 'em down on Labour Day.

One interesting stat is that the Als are 0-3 against Hamilton in playoff games since returning to the CFL. That probably has more to do with the fact that Hamilton missed the playoffs much of the 2000s..

I don't know if anyone listened to CHML this afternoon but Scott Mitchell was on ... his attitude was non-chalant about the Labour Day Classic.

I don't believe Mr. Mitchell is in touch with the fanbase in Hamilton ... aside from a home playoff game, the Labour Day Classic against the Argos is the biggest game of the year by far.

Here is what Commissioner Cohon had to say;

“While these are all compelling match-ups, there’s no doubt we would have loved to see the Argos face their traditional Labour Day foes in Hamilton,? Cohon said.

This is a guy who is dialed in ... Mitchell is nothing more than a schoolyard bully.

Not happy about eather but what can we do


It's one of the Big things I look forward too. I can't say I'm happy about it. It's something I know many of us look forward too. To have it change to Montreal....Is weird. I can say I'm not sure about how I feel about it. It is something that I admittedly don't like. I have looked forward too saying Argos Suck at the Labour Day Classic...It's not like we have an cheer made up for them. It's been Argos vs. Hamilton for the Classic. It would just seem weird to have another team in the Argos place. It's very strange. I don't like it. But I do agree there is not much we can do to change it. Sadly...I loved going to Argos vs. Hamilton Labour Day Classic. It makes me sad...

Then lets' sell out the Aug 13 game vs the Argos, and it can be the start of the annual "Argos Suck Classic".

I look forward to the day when sellouts are sellouts because it's a game and not because it's a traditional matchup on a certain date. If that's Mitchell's thinking, I'm dialed right in with him on this.

Steve's right, again. There are nine regular season home games at IWS, yet it seems some Hamiltonians are only interested in one. I don't think the Calgary game draws any better than any other opponent at IWS. Every team is giving up a home game to promote CFL interest in the Maritimes. Sacrificing one game to get a team in Moncton (or Halifax) is a great trade.

Come on, you still have the Labour Day game and you've gained the Canada Day game - what's the problem???

8) The world is coming to an end !!!! :roll:

It NOT a good trade when this is the last Season at the old Ivor wynne, plus we give away ALL out home games next year! That right there makes sense why people are not happy with Moncton getting the game this year. OUR HOME GAME!!! :thdn: :thdn:

Quote from this article

While the shovels are supposed to turn ground in the spring of 2012, it is more likely that 2013 will be the season the Tiger-Cats don’t play at Ivor Wynne.
2013 is not next year.

Another Classic CFL blunder

By TERRY KOSHAN, Toronto Sun

February 18, 2011

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The Argos will playing 4 of their first 5 games on the the road, including their first three

so, imo, the responsible thing for the scheduler to do is to have the Argos play at home

on the Friday on the Labour Day weekend rather giving them another away game

which would mean they would be away from home for 6 of the first 9 weeks of the season.

Apparently, like so many of you, Terry Koshan would ignore all that

and schedule the Argos to play in Hamilton on Labour Day Monday.

Don't blame the CFL there is nothing really they can do. The dome is a multi use facility and is booked up with Jays game concerts etc. They were working with what they had left.

Also from Drew Edwards from the Spec.

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Ticat president Scott Mitchell acknowledged he was “surprised? when he first saw the schedule but notes that Labour Day has featured the Alouettes eight times in the 62-year history of the game.

“It will make an electric atmosphere to playing Montreal on Labour Day. We should have a great competitive advantage against the defending champs,? Mitchell said. “Labour Day transcends one specific team — this is Hamilton event, not an Argo event.?

Also about the Moncton game.

With one less home game, Mitchell said fans will have a number of different options to get their full value including putting the money toward playoff tickets, reducing their instalment payments or getting a refund.

“There won’t be any financial sacrifice on the part of our season seat holders,? Mitchell said

We've known IWS days were numbered for a long time now. The only way IWS2 will happen is playing a year at Mac. In the 140 year history of the team I don't think that's unreasonable.

Our league will be stronger with a team in the maritimes. We all have to do our part. Let's be big kitties and lead by example instead of focusing on our own wants.

People still have a RIGHT to be upset over this and if you honestly think Mac is going to host the games in 2012, thats even a bigger joke!