Labour day "classic"

I don't understand DB's emphasis on the players just relaxing and going out and have "fun." How many of you are concerned about having "fun" when you go to your job? You do your work and "fun" is for after work. Football is the player's job or work. Maybe they should concentrate on working their butts off first and saving the "fun" for later.

I think what he means, and its only my interpretation, is they are trying to hard,, recievers running before they catch the ball, Fumbles ect ect...I can accept that to a POINT...but your point is more valid.

Sorry lenski - I'm probably one of the few who will actually admit this, but I LOVE my job - I have an opportunity to have fun every day, and there are very few days that I don't. Fun, for me, is both inside and outside the workplace. If you don't have fun at what you do, then there's no point doing it.

Wow , that’s good as long as the pay’s good too.

Nope - the pay sucks. I teach for a living. I love it, though, and I wouldn't trade it for anything - and you will seldom hear me complain about the wage. :smiley:

Jm02 you are right if you do not have fun and enjoy your job it is time to change. DB is just trying to get these guys settled down to remove pressure. In most cases this does not work but now there is not much more a coach can do. If DB comes on to strong what happens the players quit playing.

  1. I love my job, I have fun, and I work hard at it. I do consider it a job, but I am also allowed to have my share of fun.

  2. These people playA GAME. Taking the FUN out of a GAME kills it. Sure, they’re athletes who get paid to play a game, hence making it their job, but make no mistake, it remains a game. When you get paid to do it that places some expectations on your as far as your performance and work ethic are concerned, but even at your 9 to 5 job you are not ecpected to work from the time the clock reads 9:00 am until it hits 5:00 pm, that’s just pure madness.

  3. Why do you emphasize “fun”? Is this a concept that is alien to you? Are you mocking fun?