Labour Day Classic

You're funny and helping me wait for the game to start at 6 my time. Yeah, he sucked and made us lose those 3 games but who cares now. We have Michna to back Glenn up, anyway.

michna, the guy who helped you lose to my team.

The game that was already lost who came in the 4th quarter and scored 2 TD's agaisnt the stamps. That Michna.

like you siad: the game was already lost. who cared. i was entetained by scott coe's finger and knee injuries.

Oh wow. Maybe if Burris gets injured you will be entertained again?

no. i dont even know who the backup is. coe's injuries were minor. he still played. still 15 minutes till football. damn.

Haha... I seen him on the cfl snap - your backup I think. 5 minutes or so till the football game starts but I'm listening to the post-game show on CJOB to pass away the time.

pre-game dumbass.

It's over now and how the hell am I a dumbass? I'm a true Bomber fan for my team. TSN from here on out.

as am i a true stampeder fan for my team.