Labour Day Classic

I know its a little early to be bringing up the LDC but lets face it, this game and the Banjo Bowl are going to decide the fate of one of these two teams this year, which ever team sweeps will be looking good down the stretch, the loser is out of the race. I think the Bombers will sweep these two Rider fans, regardless what the teams do nest week. How do you guys like your chances.....

of course, we lost both last year, and still roared to a playoff spot.
you just never know in the CFL...
as for the sweep, I'm looking for the split, giving Sask the season series.
we laid a whuppin on you once. no reason they can't do it again

um, unless Nealon coughs the ball up again...

Agree ..I Predicted who ever wins the series has a shot at for who will win???... lol I have given up on game predictions.

Sask is gonna win!!!

And that's an unbiased opinion right?

The count down is on, and like I said these next two games are gonna be make or break. Both teams are coming off tough losses, this will be a hard hitting nasty affair Im sure. Bombers by 5.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have to win both games against Winnipeg.How are we gonna do that? By starting Crandell over Greene. Enough of this bullcrap we have lost 5 in a row with Nealon so its obvious we should be starting Crandell.

Greene is your man, he's been getting the job done in the last 5 games, c'mon Rider fans stand behind him..he's not that bad , you gave away that Burris guy for him...and look what he's done for the Stamp's.

I hope that is sarcasm. Stand behind him, he's not that bad? EFF rating he is the 2nd worse behind MacManus, and as a team the Riders are the worst in EFF rating. I think Rider fans have stood being the team and Greene long enough, and it has got nothing accomplished.

Greene is a bum, and so is Barrett for not admitting it.

if you call loosing getting the job done then i guess that you dont care about winning ???????????????????????????????????
the sucsses of every sucessful team starts at QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BURRIS is gone get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry guy's, you made me out like a Rider fan, Just trying to give the Rider nation some friendly Manitoba advice for the wknd...

As a Rider fan this is the first time ever in my life that I have not looked forward to a Labour Day game.

My greatest fear is that Greene has an 'okay' game and the Riders then decide to keep him starting for the rest of the year and we end up losing many more games. What I am saying is we need Sask to lose big time just so Barratt can get it through his thick head that Greene is not a CFL calibre championship QB.

Cheering for my beloved Riders to lose just so a permanent QB change will happen - this is extreme. If anyone out there is wondering what has happened to the spirit of the Rider fans...I can only say that we are sadly confused and literally have no life left.


Hell, if we turn around our season like we did last year, but instead turn it around NOW, we could get second! But hell we’ll see

the riders will take both. but they will only finish fourth. no playoffs this year.

the bombers will take both games for one thing and this stampfan is crazy.

You know what’s sadder? That Casey Printers, Jason Maas, Khari Jones, Brad Banks, Spurgeon Wynn and Buck Pierce are all second or third-string quarterbacks for other teams.

Shivers really needs to make smarter decisions for the quarterback spot.

Sadder is that the Bombers have 3 strong QB's and one who is hurt... Wynn. While the Riders have Nealon and Crandell and that's all I can think of who they have for QB.

ya..tee martin is a great qb all right.

He's a strong LEARNING QB.

of course. what was i thinking :roll: