Labour Day "Classic"??

As an Argo fan I love attending Ivor Wynne Stadium each Labour Day to watch one of sports great rivalries.

This year however, I feel the word "Classic" should be dropped as we watch our beloved teams compete with a combined 3-13 record.

I long for games when the Ti-Cats & Argos are duelling it out for top spot in the East. This year I thought that would be the case.

I'd take the "Cats" in a close, low scoring contest with Setta's foot being the difference...

ladies and gentleman!!!Welcome to the 2007 TOILET BOWL!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :thdn:

how about the SANIFLUSH BOWL

In honour of the blind faithful.

'Don't worry, be happy' Game

Very naughty!!

How about the "Be Happy Bowl"?

An Argo-Cat fan