Labour Day Classic

Since None of my favorite teams are in this event i am hoping that the game will be exciting since last week. I will be hoping to get things rolling but it seem the Bombers and the RoughRiders will be playing a day before. Can't wait to see what the Cats do to stay off having a losing streak.

Hey guys, I have a few ideas on what to call the LDC games this week and next week.

BC/Montreal: TD Cascade/Olympic (in French) (TD to honor TD Atlantic)
Winnipeg/Saskatchewan: Prairie Bowl
Saskatchewan/Winnipeg: Banjo Bowl (same as now)
Calgary/Edmonton, Edmonton/Calgary: Battle of Alberta (same as now)
Toronto/Hamilton, Hamilton/Toronto: Golden Horseshoe Classics

Not very original, but what do you think? Will you use them?



a BC game in french .. hahaha .. that'll fly.


KK, people 'round here simply call it the Labour Day Classic…let’s just leave it at that.

And what's with the Cascade? Are we refering to the woodmill company or the dishwasher soap?

Kanga, having an idea is not a criteria for making a post. We all have a throng of ideas everyday. But we just share the ones that we feel might be of interest for others. Sometime, we are wrong too. But we aim at limiting these thought-sharing that have no purpose.

That was such a nice way of putting it.

My favorite is TD Cascade. LOL! What the hell is that?

You’ve been spying! You know us too well out here!

Ok boys and girls, here the dirt, and I not saying you HAVE to use it, this is an order of anything, but I like to see them used. Anyway, here goes…

TD in honor of Atlantic, who doesn't have a team yet, and Ottawa, who almost played in it with Montreal. "Battle of the Coasts" and "West/East" just seemed too cheesy, so I chose three things from each city, the Cascade Mts. that run into BC (hence why the Cascadia thing is there), and Olympic (in French, and only this in French) for Montreal's stadium, thus TD Cascade/Olympic (only to be used for this game)

Prairie Bowl because the game is in Regina, which is in the Prairies, nuff said

Golden Horseshoe Classics: because the two teams facing each other are in the area witch maybe become the Toronto-Hamilton megapolis, know now as the Golden Horseshoe, this one is my favorite!

BTW, the whole weekend is called the Labor Day Classic(s), I'm just giving the games a bit more individually (like the Battle of Alberta, and the Banjo Bowl), is that so wrong?

  1. Since when is the word “Olympic” French?

  2. The BC @ MTL game will be played at Molson-Percival stadium. So why honour the Big O?

Personnally, I would call that game: “The BC vs. Montreal game that occurs every Labour Day weekend because all the other teams - who actually have a rivalry - need to play their arch nemesis.”

It is a bit long, but it seems more relevent nonetheless.

  1. write it in french, no difference I think

  2. why the heck are they playing there? give the Big O one, and then leave it until playoffs, oh well, honor it none the less.

  3. like I said, only a one game thing cuz it will be Montreal Vs. Ottawa next season, and BC Vs. Atlantic at some point.

  1. Olympique… Same difference, eh?

  2. They play there because that’s their home.

  1. ok, so I'm calling friday's game "TD Cascade/Olympique"

  2. So is the Big O sometimes