Labour Day Classic Weekend

Everyone who loves CFL knows what's coming … the Labour Day Classic weekend! Besides Grey Cup week, it's as good as it gets. Even when the individual teams are struggling, the games are unforgettable. Love it! And with my Bombers with serious skin in the game this year for the first time in a long time, it's going to be a wild one on Sunday.

Argos and Ti-Cats: Ricky Ray vs. Tim Horton. Hope the stadium is done and Zach Collaros is up to scratch. If so, it's going to be fun. Is Chad Owens (the CFL's top all-round offensive weapon) playing or is he not? Difference maker for sure. I think my (wild card) money is on the Cats.

Esks and Stamps. How long have we been saying that the "Stamps are the most complete team in the league." And yet … there's always something. The road to the Grey Cup goes through Alberta, and that much is for sure … at least at this point in the schedule. Who gets the nod here in this version of the Battle of Alberta? Personally, I like the fact the Stamps are on a big roll.

RedBlacks and Als. Ottawa is not a bad team. Repeat, not a bad team. A bounce here, a Weston Dressler there, and the Henry Burris-led squad is in business. But they better hurry because old Hank isn't getting any younger. But look out if you think this team is a gimme …the RBs can sting. Will they win the Dressler sweepstakes? Guess we'll see how many peripheral benefits the province of Saskatchewan can offer up to land this season's biggest NFL waivers fish. Apparently local Regina entrepreneurs are offering everything from unlimited designer cupcakes to car rentals.

Labour Day Weekend folks. Enjoy!!

you missed the fun...Dressler is wearing Green again

As if there was really any doubt…

Thanks depop!

They should move the Ott Mon game to the Sunday . play it after the SK WPG game . Make it really part of the labour day family.

And have no Friday Night Football? Not a chance.

Ohh some how , life would go on and maybe we just might make it :roll: I guess since the Sunday and Monday Labour day games have always been poorly attended and had poor ratings, maybe your right :roll:

[i]Labor day weekend in the CFL!!! What a great time of the year.

This year, not only will there be the classic "Banjo Bowl", but the Alouettes and Redbacks will play in the first ever "Suck Bowl"! Yes, a classic rivalry between two 1-7 teams. One of these teams will actually have 2 wins after the weekend! Or, will it be a tie?

Don't miss this classic :rockin: [/i]

TSN has spent a lot of marketing time over the years promoting FNF, they're not going to just not bother this week because people want another game on Sunday. :roll:

But isn't the Friday night game part of the "Labour Day Classic" ??? if you move it to Sunday that's not Labour Day either

Besides Ottawa played last week on Sunday and they are playing tonight (Friday) - 4 days rest
If they move the game to Sunday then Ottawa would again play another Sunday and then Friday the 9th against BC - 4 days rest

FYI, the Banjo Bowl is the rematch game the week after the LDC game. But yes, the Bombers-Riders game should be a classic this weekend too.

The Als-Redblacks game could actually be interesting. The Als have a new QB in Crompton who seems able to hit his receivers. And the winner of this game stumbles into second place, at least for a couple of days. If the Ticats can pull out a win on Sunday, they take second place back (unless the Als seriously outscore them this weekend in a win against Ottawa).

Is there a name for any of the LDC games?

You know, there is probably an opportunity to put an annual 'bowl' type gimmick on these and get some extra advertising bucks.

Some oil company would surely put their name on the battle of Alberta for example....Cenovous LDC....something like that. Once one energy company got serious about this it could really draw big bucks in competition for it.

In Sask I would think one of the big mining players would love to label that one.

Toronto Hamilton...lots of options...perhaps a financial institution

seems like it could be a pretty easy money grab, and playoffs aside these are the biggest games of the year, and sometimes outdraw viewership of non-GC games...surely there would be some interest from companies to get their name on some of the highest attended highest viewed sporting events of the Canadian calendar year??

A name has to come naturally, anything forced will come off phoney and not catch on. Hotels, BARS , LOUNGES and the stadiums in WPG and Regina already reap the benefits and have all sort of events all weekend long. That's where Hamilton ,Calgary and Ottawa need duplicate. Make it a wknd event and really celebrate our game !

Actually I wouldn't mind the Banjo Bowl being played on Saturday. Too many hungover people the following Monday.

I for one am looking forward to the toilet bowl this evening!

Hopefully the offense can break thru for some damn points!

ORB haven't scored an offensive TD in two games now.

AGREED A 110%. Not sure if it's TSN wanting it or the club ?

I was thinking this type of informal, grassroots name - like Battle of Alberta, which is thrown about whenever Calgary and Edmonton play each other, but is brought out even more for the Labour Day weekend game.

Calgary/Edmonton used to be unofficially billed as North vs South: the Uncivil War. :thup:

Love Labour Day. It means goodbye to the hot weather, which I hate; hello to the fall, which I love; lots of great CFL football.