Labour Day Classic SOLD OUT in REGINA

Well what could this game be a preview of ??
Gonna be at this one!

Is this a surprise?

Preview of nothing, we’re hosting the WF 8)

It’s gonna be a good game and close. Riders win!!

I feel bad that all those Rider fans will go home so disappointed…Well, not that bad…actually I’ll be quite tickled about it…

The big question is, how are the battery sales?

Right, well good luck with that. ::slight_smile:

Riders win today by 10. 8)

Great job Saskatchewan. Just great!!!

Like I said before, more Sunday games. More people, Great way to increase attendance. And it didn’t.t hurt winning a nail biter either, Yardo looks like the real deal. How do so many teams miss that, I guess it’s hard to tell untill they get into game situation, with a good team.