Labour Day Classic Questions

  1. Anyone know roughly how many tickets are sold ? Last I heard it was over 25,000 .

  2. What is the capacity about 28,000 ?

  3. Any word on the festivities and pre-game activities. Tail gate parties ? Location ? Scott Park or the little park just south of the stadium ?

Either way Lets make a lot of noise when the ARGOS have the Ball and not as much noise when we have it .

Let's not beat on any ARGO fans just make them think we are going to :slight_smile:

I am a Hamiltonian living in Toronto and bringing a bunch of first time to IVOR WYNNE Argo fans with me .

Capacity is 27,000.

Also, there's no stopping the brawls lol. They happen to anyone at anytime. Well, to be fair it's mostly between people that run their mouth's. Tell your friends to be careful what they say, 26,000 fans outnumber 2 security guards and 3 cops.

The ticket sales stand at 27,500. Capacity is 29,600. Only Gold and Silver seats remain. Don't forget the ribfest in Burlington. Spencer Smith park, if I remember correctly

The team announced today that they have sold over 27,500 :?

my mistake, I could've sworn somewhere it said 27,000 was our capacity when they were talking about building the new stadium.

8) Yes, Geezer is right in his above post, Capacity is 29,600 !!!!

why not add some end zone temp bleachers to bring it up to 30,000 :rockin: It has been done in the past

Oh…there will be brawls. :lol: I remember one year (many years ago) it was absolutley NUTS! There was an argo fan waving an argo flag (attached to a hockey stick) some ticat fan ran up, grabbed the flag and broke the stick in half, (this literally happened right infront of me) then they started fighting and a DELUGE of cups came flying my way. I got hit in the back of the head but thankfully the container was empty. REMEMBER PEOPLE stay quiet when ticats have the ball. :wink: :rockin:

Geezer may have been right about the seating but blew it on the name of the park. It's Scott Park just south of the stands. Lots of goodies and a chance to support a good cause.

Don't forget your non perishable item for dropping at the gate.

I dread that type of garbage happening but I am prepared for it. It's going to be a long afternoon for me and my fellow ushers I'm afraid

Yeah it was the endzone section, I dont know where im sitting this year (buddy has to pick up tickets through petrol canada) but im certain it wont be endzone.

Thats definately the most common spot for trouble

How do they count the people in the tents beside the West endzone for attendance? Included or not included?

Dunno, but I'll be very intense/in tents during the game :lol: :lol:

On top of that we "officially" learn, like we didn't know it already, that the Leafs are behind the NHL's resistance to Jim Balsillie putting the Coyotes in Hamilton. Like we need one more reason to hate Tranna.