Labour Day Classic Predictions

Predict the Score!

If Evans was waiting for the right time to have his breakout game, the time is here!

Get your 50/50 tickets!
Minimum prize will be 75k!!

No excuses for this one.
I’m looking to see a complete team win.

Sold out Crowd

The glorious noise of fans shouting: ARGOS… SUCK!!!

HAM - 36

TOR - 18

It will be a very well deserved bye week.


Hamilton is somehow an 11.5 favourite.

I’ll take Toronto to cover that for alot of money.

Hamilton 19
Toronto - 9

Hamilton moves down to 5th in the power rankings

It will be 6-0 Cats at the half. Then Argos will go ahead 7-6 in the 3rd quarter. Finally Condell/Evans will engineer a thrilling game winning field goal drive on the last play of the game.

Final score 9-7 for the Cats.

The Tiger Cats are going to have a Labour Day scoring party and pound the Argos into the ground.

Tabbies - 22

Them guys - 20


Here’s my prediction. The 'Cats win and then Gerbear will make a post stating Evans is not progressing, but actually getting worse and that the team needs to bring in a veteran, injured, retired QB before the season is lost. Oh, and the Ticat organization has to get rid of the football operations staff because they don’t know what they’re doing. Book it!!!

10 point cover is EASY…we did already win by 50 on the road

The Arblows are not as bad as their record. This will be a close game. This will be a defensive struggle and the Cats win by 6. If the Cats want to blow out TO they need to establish the run and Evans needs to connect with all the receivers.

19-13 Good guys

That’ll be a piece of cake.

Once again Mightypope,

Thanks so much for paying so much attention to me . I am flattered that you read all my posts and have taken such an interest in me . If Evans can’t beat the Argos at home and improve upon his ever decreasing performance then yeah Bingo that is what I will be saying and if this happens then soon Orlondo and company will have to make the same decision if they want any chance of winning the 3 gamrs out west and winning the Grey Cup.

The only reason Evans is still in there is because tge defence is carrying the team and since we have such a big lead in the East that we can give Evans a longer rope and more time to see if he can develop into a decent starter.
If Evans continues to play as poorly as he has been when goung out west we will lose all 3 games …Book It.

GB: I agree with you that the 3 road games will be a struggle, that is why its critcal to win this game.

Argos have been beating on the door of victory for a while; and we have been toying with defeat last three games.
Doubt it’ll be low scoring. Records seldom matter on labour day. Argos will surprise; we need ST and D to score.

Evans need to stop doing a Masoli immitation of throwing 2 picks a game; hope he would immitate the 300 yards and a couple of TDs.
Hope Condel is not asleep again.
Cats win 24- 20

Nah. Tommy “2 and out” Condell is more likely to put the fanbase to sleep.

Cats were 4-5 this time last year but, man, it was exciting. Good times.

I actually think the game is going to be a lot closer than a lot of us are saying. Cats should win but close game!

  1. Offence was a hell of lot more engaged and entertaining.

  2. We were comparing from where had come the year before 0-8 record.

So yes we were very happy as the expectation was to make the playoffs.
This year the expectation is to win the Grey Cup. The current offence is no where the calibre.
People love to say, anything can happen in the playoffs like it did in 2016 & 2017. Both of those teams had HoF Qbs.
Only good news is Calgary is struggling a bit - but whoever comes out of the West will be well worn in battle.

Ticats win in a close one.


Hamilton 23,000 Toronto 1,300

Your dreaming if you think there’s another QB available for cheap that will be an improvement over Evans.

Cheap or not who is available that is better than Evans that is not another teams cast off?