Labour Day Classic Play-By-Play Thread

I can't believe that this hasn't been started yet.

We all know the game, the time, and the history.


I think we will break with tendency and get off to a great start in the first half.

That would be good.

Any word on the reserve?

Nice start as pass to Gable gained us 8, and good second effort got the FD.

Too bad holding call on Owens made it 1st and 20 after that. I thought he'd prefer to haunt his former team this game...

Gable's looking sharp so far...

Pass to Tasker makes it 1st and goal! Now, get that 1st TD (and many more after that.)

Missed the horsecollar tackle on Tasker. But nice gain anyway.

And made up for it with the illegal contact.

It also looked to me like Tasker was brought down illegally, but that point is now moot.


TD MASOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great 1st drive by the good guys!!

Your prediction looks good so far. Nice opening drive to get the TD.

And aside from the holding call Owens took, Toronto took all the penalties that drive. There were at least three offside calls against them, right?

Good 7
Evil 0

I was worried about a repeat of last week in Calgary where it seemed to take us a dozen attempts to push it over the goal line. But this time the penalties were all against the Argos. Let’s hope they wait until after this game to learn what “one yard” looks like.

Did not like seeing C. Davis miss that tackle. Looked like it woulda been FD anyway, but still gained more yards than he should have, I think.

Horsecollar called that time, and C. Davis took that. So yeah, still not impressed with him.

Atkinson with his first sack!!!

Down goes Ray!

Atkinson with the drive ending sack!

Well, that sack did not take them out of FG range as Hajrullahu gets it from 42.

Good 7
Evil 3

OK offence, go expand on that lead.

Interesting to see Vaughn being used on returns. So will Banks be used more often on offence?

Good start on this drive as Gable pushes his way through for FD on 2nd and 3.

Looks like Gable has decided he'd prove the naysayers wrong, showing that he actually can get the tough yards running up the middle. Good to see.

It won't silence the naysayers, but I agree - some determined running in his first few carries.