Well - its that time of year again ... Labour Day classic ... where the season takes a turn for the tough....

So ... Here's our labour day classic plan. We have assembled 6 Labatt's Blue "Abe Lincoln" stove pipe hats. These hats require 2, 15 packs of Labatt Blue cans to assemble. (its been a hard 2 weeks). They are fabulous. If you see us (you can't miss us) .. Come join us for a pop and some good eats!!

Friday - We leave from Calgary to Regina at 3:30pm. We intend on arriving sometime around 11:30ish ...

Saturday - Drinking, Bowling, Drinking ...
Saturday Night - I have no idea .. but we'll be drunk and in a bar somewhere.

Sunday - parking lot tailgating ... BBQ breakfast and lunch and mucho drinking. attend the game ...
Sunday Night - Whatever party we decide to attend ..

Here's where it gets interesting ...

Monday Morning 3am - We head back to Calgary so we make it back for 11am'ish ... so we can tailgate at the Edmonton & Calgary Labour Day Classic and of course ... Attend the game ...
Monday Evening - REST ... Full day of work on Tuesday.

Anyways ... i'm interested in hearing other people's plans ... Seriously tho - if you do spot us .. come by say Hullo!! Hope to see ya in Regina!!! (or Calgary)


My plan: Aattend the game in Montreal on Saturday night.

Then, be very kind with my girlfriend and accept to do whatever she pleases on Sunday, even if that probably implies going for a four-hour long coffee break with those two friends of her (one single girl and one gay guy) who just talk about men.

Then, on Monday, try to explain to her that I won't be joining her on her Labour Day plans because, yes, I am interested in seeing football games that feature western teams and ontarian teams even though, no, the Als are not involved in the game, even if, yes, I already watched a football game on Saturday night. I'll kindly remind her that we could have spend that time together on Sunday had WE not spend such a wonderful time with her friends.

Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure Statik76 is a single guy...

Hey Third, I thought you were making a cross Canada Trek to see games? (I know a poster from BC was doing it too)

I thought at one time you were comming to Calgary and Edmonton.

Have I mixed you up with someone else?

No. You have the right guy. But I wouldn't try that during Labour Day weekend by fear of not getting tickets once I get there.

I will attend three games on October 14-15-16 weekend (Hamilton @ Calgary [must meet Yeast#5 and RedandWhite in the stands], Saskatchewan @ Edmonton [must have a beer with Supertoe], and then BC @ Monteal [must see an Als victory!]). I will also try to be at Frank Clair on October 29th (Montreal @ Ottawa).

Haha - well planned! You’ve been through this before … clearly.

But believe it or not … My wife is an avid football fan … and not an ordinary fan … We have Stampeder season tickets, we never miss a Bomber game on TV, if we do - we listen to it on the net … we tailgate every Stamps game … and when the NFL rolls around … we invite everyone to our place, and we cook and watch football (and even bet on sports select) every single sunday … 10am - 10:30pm … every single sunday! And we do a feast of feasts for our friends for every Monday Night game … AND She owns multiple Randy Moss jerseys. And yes - she’ll be in attendance in Regina and Calgary this weekend …

(i’m serious)

After two seasons of this … I married her (June3/05) in Vegas. I couldn’t let her get away!


Thats great Statik…You’ll be the envy of a few guys on here. Sounds like the perfect match! (Thank goodness my wife enjoys hockey, football)

Friday: after Japanese class ends at 4:00 am et, I'm going for a two hours drive to Atlanta which should take 2 to 3 hours. with luck I'll get to my mom's by kickoff time for the Montreal/Ottawa game.

Saturday: helping mom pack and pack some of my stuff

Sunday: go to my dad's for a bit but get back in time for game time at my mom's. GO BOMBERS!!!

Monday: go back to college.

Being To Far Away From Any Other Major Labour Host Cities To Beable To Attend A Second Game My Focus Is Solely Of The Argo/Ti-Cat Game. I'll Be Making The Short Drive To Hamilton And Maybe This Year I'll Beable To Leave Early Enough To Beable To Go To The Canadian Football Hall Of Fame, Every Other Year We Plan On Going But Useally Get Stuck Either Lost In Downtown Hamilton Or It's Too Late Cause The Game Didn't Start Till 7:00 Or We Can Move Cause Of A Bike Race But Hopefully This Year I'll Get To Go.

I'll be tending to the wife this weekend while she recovers, but even if she and the dog and myself never had surgery, I only really celebrated Labour Day way back when I lived in NY with my family. Now I just relax and will be watching mucho CFL Football and (of course) the MDA Telethon, which I have watched religiously since 8 years old. During the games I will be cooking low fat Turkey burgers on the grill with a little Oregano and Basil tossed in,maybe some baked potatoes with butter or sour cream, a nice salad, and (weather permitting) might even drag the old TV outside on the patio to get a "football" feel. :wink:

After all that fun it's off to bed and back to work on Tuesday. (Man! I hope i remember how to drive the truck!) :lol:

Hey hope you all are feeling better Geo (and that you kept up on your health insurance premiums, a little Canadian humor for ya). Who you pullin for between Bombers vs Riders....

Even though Green is my fav. color, gotta pull for the Bombers in this one, they really are better then their record and I think they are sensing the urgency of the situation. Plus, they are 2-1 in their last three games and have scored 39 points or more, so the offense is there.

And thanks...we are feeling better :lol:

BBQ at a buddys house.........he's is shamefully at Bombers at little football.............drink some wabby pop's and if the scotch comes out.......probably end up replaying each play in his basement

Plans are to go to the game in hamilton on monday. My dad and I will be making that 3.5 hour drive or so down the 401 and 403 to Hamilton. Cant wait to get to the game. Wont be wearing a Ti-cats jersey as i dont have one at the present :cry: But I will be wearing the next best thing. A fully black T-Shirt that says ARGOS SUCK on the front of it in big white letters. Actually bought it last year. Im not legally aloud to drink until December 25 (when i turn 19) Otherwise im sure id be getting drunk and telling my dad that he had to drive home :wink:

I will sit at home, watch Montreal/Ottawa on the TV. Then the Bombers/Riders later on in the weekend, then.. on Monday at lunch, I will watch the Eskimos handle the Stampeders with ease, then I'll enjoy Argos and Ticats.

Hmmm.. sucks living in Manitoba when your an Eskimo fan, and you hate the Bombers. Don't worry Commonwealth, I'm comin in a couple years and be a season ticket holder.

Although I've stated this in a msg/poll on the Argo board, I'll be making the trek down the Gardiner/QEW/403 to "I Never Win" to take in the Argo-TiCat Labour Day Classic. Whether or not I'll have the "testicular fortitude" to wear my full gear (jersey, helmet and flag) is yet to be determined.

You go boy , they need ya

wear the argos stuff....they don't mouth off as much as everyone thinks

If mongo is going to wear Argo’s, let it be Damons number,he is a living icon who should be flourishing in the NFL…

Friday: 5 am wakeup
545 am drive to las vegas
645 am drive taxi
430 pm get off work
515 pm arrive at pahrump moose lodge
516 pm turn on cfl (yeah, i know i'm late)
517 pm pee
518 pm order pitcher of beer
530 pm order another pitcher of beer
repeat until three minute warning and then get bartender to order a
drink until Kathy Kinney looks good.
Saturday: 3am go to potential business opportunity
work until noon with business owner
1201pm go to moose lodge with business owner
1202 pm drink with business owner until game comes on, then
drink with owner during game.
(all nighter and the next day) Football. Maybe eat. Not necissarily in that
order. Stop at 430 am Monday morning.
Monday: Wake up and drive the public in my cab. If the public is lucky, I have a hangover and call in for the day off. That way I can drink off my hangover and watch the games. I might go all out and eat twice.