Labour Day Classic lives up to its name..sell out?!

Does anyone know how many tickets remain for tomorrows game? The alst few Labour Day Classics have lived up to its name the alst few years with a 30-30 tie and a 33-30 Hamilton win last year, this should be another dandy I believe! Cant wait for 2morrow 24 hrs till game time baby, but about the attendance ppl have said theyre not going, have ppl changed theyre minds regarding 2morrow despite theyre last 3 home games, ill b there 4 sure Oskee Wee Wee!

Of Course it will be a Sellout..

theres still 1000 seats left, or something like that.

can’t imagine it wouldn’t sell out.

its labour day.

i hope it doesnt, send our owner a message, if u cant sell out labour day, have fun filling the seats the rest of the season . pfft

Was'nt too long ago they would be lucky to get 20,000 to labour day so its not a given it is going to be a sellout

hopefully. its guanna be an amazing atmosphere anyways

the cfl should have mud wrestling matches after the games between both teams cherleader squads.

every game would be a sellout then lol

lol, hopefully it will be a good game tommorrow, i need something interesting to talk about before i go back to work.