Labour Day Classic @ Ivor Wynne

I was wondering how many of our fellow Argo nuts in the forum will be making the trek down the QEW to take in the Labour Day Classic in Hamilton. I, myself, will be making the trip to Tabbie Territory as a solo effort with a seat over in Box G. Hope to see a nice little dusting of Double Blue in the stands at Ivor Wynne.

i would go, but there are no good tickets left ( i like to sit close ) goin to the rematch in toronto sept 10th

Dude, this is Ivor Wynne. My seat is 11th row and I will still feel close to the field.

I'm sitting front row behind the Argos bench. Probably gonna be wearing my Levingston jersey. I'd love to give them an a$$ kicking off a lifetime.

Nope, won't be going this year. Will be watching at home on TSN though and of course, will be at the rematch back in TO later next week.

can't make it this year, but I will be hosting a labour day party, toasting all our great plays, and cheering as our boys go about roasting those cats!


Those are awesome seats at , I.W…but really every seat is close to the action.ENJOY the ass whopping. :smiley:

anyone here going with the friends of the Argonauts? I have tickets and wanted to know when the bus leaves Mississauga

Did you book your trip through Friends of The Argonauts? If so, according to their website (, the Mississauga pickup is @ the Sheridan Mall on Erin Mills Parkway at 3:30pm on Labour Day.

If this was booked through other sources, and you have your tix in hand, I'd suggest hopping on GO Transit from either Port Credit or Clarkson GO Station and take it to the Hamilton GO Centre. From there, walk a couple blocks north to King & Hughson and hop on the Ti-Cat Express shuttle from the 1A/10 Stop. The shuttles run every 20 minutes from 3:45pm to about 5pm (if not later) and travel express to Ivor Wynne. There will be shuttles that will return to King & Hughson from the side street on the west side of the stadium 15 minutes after the game's over.

Hope this helps.

No, I live in NY, I'll see if MSG or FSNY carries the game

Too bad, so sad...the tabby's kicked Argo ass tonight!!


It is NOT sad and good for the HAMILTON francise.GREAT game , a true L.D. classic.See you on SATURDAY at our house.

Nope, but it was for the Argos…