Labour Day classic in all its glory

Too bad The Spec's Sheryl Nadler's article isn't in the online edition today, it's a great read with this title. Here's the last 2 paragraphs:

[i]Unfortunately however Jocelyn and I were right in front of the yellers. Drunken Idiot beside us, yellers behind us. Not normal yelling either, my left ear blocked at one point, kind of like it would at a concert. Screaming obscenities in my ear, fancying themselves hilarious, and, I imagine, helpful to their team. Again, this is not unlike the guys who yell at women from a car window.

This is Labour Day in Hamilton in all it's glory. I can't wait to do it again next year.[/i]

Sheryl, should you have a partner, that person is one lucky person. Great article girl! :thup:

The game is what it is. Anyone who is obnoxious - drunk - verbally abusive should be brought to the attention of the section cops or extra paid duty city cops. A football games is certainly not a ballet recital. Emotions are going to get strained - people will be load - expect it - especially when the Ar%$ H*&^% are in town. I kind of get off on the entire crowd having the same common goal - beat the other team senseless.

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Anybody catch the article int he Toronto Sun from that Beezer guy? Talks about all the things he encountered on Labour Day at Ivor Wynne while wearing an Args jersey. He talks about he took the occassional shot to the kidney and some hard shoves while just walking around, and the good natured taunting. But still, i never realized ticat fans took physical shots at people like that. Figures though, the guy looks completely harmless. I doubt they do the same to someone that's actually a respectful size.

I seriously doubt anything like that happened. I understand emotions get strained, however from where I sat and walked around in the north stands, nothing like that happened. Just more hype from them south of Bloor St foo - foos.........