Labour Day Classic Experience

[b] :stuck_out_tongue: This is going to be some game this year if the team keeps up that fire of going after the ball no matter what! Fred Perry,& Eddie Davis, have given defense a new name 'de-offense' de-awesome :rockin: When I see a game where every player is just going after that ball, its a good game, no matter the outcome, but winning like they have been, wow, makes the game worth seeing. Butler did such an incredible job if he didn't see a receiver he worked it out himself...what an inspiration to the team all these players have shown they can go all the way. Good luck Riders in the upcoming Labour Day Classic which is always an awesome experience.

Casandra :slight_smile: [/b]

Agreed Casandra,it should be a good game. If Fred continues his awesome play, hopefully it will get the whole defense going. Little troy westwood’s been shooting off his potty mouth again which should help. Anyway have a great time at the game!

"What do you find that Regina has that Winnipeg just doesn't quite have?"
Troy: "..... Brown Water"
"How about the fans?"
Troy: ".. Yeah they teach me a couple new swears I never knew existed every Labour Day."
Troy.. what a guy.