Labour Day Classic Bombers at Sask!

Well after the last 2 games, me thinks we should win this one, team seems to have finally found there Moe joe. Bombers have been playing hot also, but Rider want revenge for season opener me thinks!! Any Thoughts???

Very exciting, going to a great great game to be at!
I mentioned my thoughts a while back in some threads that if the Riders (needed) were to win 3 in a row "Look out" all bets are off.
And what a way to get this thing started then a decisive win at home on Sunday.

Go Riders Go

As impressive as the last 2 games have been for the Riders....they played teams for from at their best. Now, the way they played I don't think it would matter...if they can play like that they are going to be in games against anyone. Stop the run. Dont let hits come on Glenn because 2nd halves of the past 2 weeks showed it is a different game.

Yes, I agree, they need to change it up in the 2nd half, they seem to get a bit stale . Although the protection seems to be there now, so it may be o.k. . Go riders

I agree with everyone... but the best part is... I just got a call from my Brother, and I will be at my first Labour Day classic! Gonna enjoy this game, I think!!

Go Riders!! ;D

Enjoy your first LDC game experience, cheers with the Riders winning 36-23

Yes a 36-23 win I think can be classified as "a decisive win"

Go Riders GO.

I sure hope the winning trend continues. Todays 2'nd half had me a tad concerned till the time clock ran out. Hope another win can be captured at the Banjo bowl week 13. Today I feel comfortable saying week 14 against Ticats is very do-able. But week 15 and the Stamps still makes water run from my brow. But lets not get ahead of myself and play one game at a time and today's win was a win and the Riders look really good when they come to play, but have to still play 60 minutes each game. Sure been a long drought and love it when there playing with a full tank of gas because they can sure put on an impressive show.

Riders have let up in the second half of the past few games which is concerning in a sense...but also pretty common when a game is very lopsided early. What we haven't seen is if they can fire it back up if needed or play a full 60 if needed. It is like they skipped the step of progression where teams need to learn to win close and ugly games before progressing to winning decisively.

Yeah I was at the game and made a comment the offense had gone a bit stagnate but I think it was more of having a big lead at the half and Glenn didn't want to force a mistake and give the Bombers an easy score . Now I think they did perhaps get a bit too conservative and hopefully they will pick that out on film. Still a very solid and convincing win on both sides of the ball. Defense once again was solid and that early pick by Gainey really set the tone. Held Harris in check pretty much all game which was crucial and Nichols did not have a great game but some of that can be attributed to the pressure he was facing. Glad we won that one because we know going into Winnipeg is not going to be any picnic so really crucial to get at least the guarantee of a split out of this and who knows perhaps a sweep.

Really long day as I was on the road by 6:30 and got home about 11:00. Certainly enjoyed the game but I would never do a round trip if I was to do it again. Terrible highway from Wakaw to 16 junction and stupid construction just west of Regina really slowed down the trip back. I was glad to see the lights of PA come in view as I was running out of gas, not the car but myself. Hate admitting I'm getting too old fo that kind of trip, but it is the facts. Oh well no harm, no foul, and glad I went to the game, of course winning made it all the better. :slight_smile:

I also agree having watched the game thinking 'the riders seem to loose the momentum' in the second half.
I also agree it is a concern, and I also get a nervous feeling when the games aren't close, and grinding it out for a "full" 60 minutes is necessary to win the game.

Having said that I do believe the Riders win the rematch as well in Winnipeg in a close battle that will require hard nosed football for a "full" 60 minutes.

Go Riders Go

I dont think they were flat...just more play a lot more conservatively....which is pretty normal for a big lead unfortunately.

Will be interesting if they can keep it going in a situation that they actually need to. I can't really knock a team for slowing the pace at the point they did....but it is a point that we will see them address at some point I am sure

The only thing that pissed me off some was one the 1...ok...fair enough, you passed it on 1st try a plunge. That likely seals that game.

Odd behaviors - most Bomber fans I have met at Rider games have been great fans ... hope the RCMP consider charges against the one that tried to rip Gainers head off - smack talk is one thing - putting your hands on a mascot or any other person is something completely different. I am glad to see that people are not tarring all bomber fans for the bad sportsmanship of a few.

Sad part is that if this was a Rider fan at another stadium - it would be a 10 page plus thread already about Rider fans on the main forum.

More locker room fire for the next game :slight_smile:

For sure.

We also believe we saw people in the Pilsner Zone hitting Gainer with beer cups after at least one TD while doing laps. Couldn't say 100% for sure, but it looked like it.

It is a shame, but there are idiots at every game, and big ones like the LDCs are only amplified because of increased intoxication. Make no mistake, Rider fans did stupid stuff in the rematch last year, the LDC this year at home, and will again next week.

Shame that a few schmucks can make an otherwise great fanbase look bad. Bomber fans come out to the LD game in droves and are a great overall group who do some fun back and forth and at the end of the day end up in the same bars as everyone and drinks and parties no matter who won nor the score.

what is the injury status on Labatte and Campbell ?

From what I have heard, both should be good.

Demski, Marshall, not so much.

Great game for my first experience in the new stadium. Hammered them hard and looked really good doing so.

Let the W's continue to pile up.....

Yes the riders made the bombers look silly in the first half, t hen let off the second half as not to rub it in too much, Like a good team will do. Running up the score is just not the proper thing to do.

I understand the concept, however have never believed 'letting up' in a game for any reason is a good thing.
IMHO Play like you need to win for the full 60 minutes, no letting up.
Go Riders Go