Labour Day Classic Bombers at Riders!

Will this be our second win!!

I picked none of the above because I honestly don't know. My heart says the Riders by a narrow margin but my brain and gut picks the bombers by more then 10.

O line is still a mess, D line is still a mess, different long snapper in for the Riders could cause havoc. Bombers secondary are ball hawks so if Durant is under pressure like he usually is then there could be some big picks. As I mentioned a new long snapper in and that could be disastrous on punts. Not sure if 10 points would be considered a narrow margin or not.

Nichols can be either hot or cold, if he is hot this one could be hard to watch, if he is cold then the Riders stand a chance to squeak out a win probably by no more then 3. Sadly I think the Labor Day streak ends today.

I really hope that I am wrong and the Riders pull out an any given Sunday on the Bombers.

Jimmy I agree with you, but I picked bombers by a small margin as were going for 12 in a row and the longer the streak the harder it is to maintain, and the way that we have been playing ?
I hope I'm wrong and that this is our breakout game.

They are averaging nearly 1 penalty every 2 plays so far ..... it will be a blow out loss at this rate. You can't get any momentum on either side of the ball with this many flags

The Riders get pass completions of 5-7 yards and continual 2 and out.
The Bombers get pass completions of 15-25 yards and walk down the field.
Almost no way you win a game that way! :cowboy:

Like I said "almost" no way.
19-19 Tie Game with 13 minutes left :thup:

And he misses the convert......jeeeeezz

I will now predict, … if the worse season was only 3 wins which we tied last season, then I think we set an all time low this season, I will be very surprised we even win one more this season, jezzzzzzzz thanks Jones!! and Reynolds!!

we had 2 2-14 seasons under Lancaster in 79 and 80 I believe , so were half way there , hahaha but we do have Durant , can't do anything about getting shafted though. unles someone holds the right people accountable

Finally got to watch it...unfortunate Crappinga had this as his worst game....that is probably 3 this year that they should have won but found a way to lose

Disappointed in how the rules are being applied on PI and such this season...I felt a couple of those were kinda BS. Same thing happened in the Argo/Cats game today...thing is it is basically painful at some point in almost every game this season...shame