Labour Day Classic Auction

Wow… is that ever going well. Anyone following it? Anyone buying? Charities are making a killing here! (So is Purolator)

All I know is I got a helmet but I did get in a bidding war for it at the end. That is okay though as I got the one I wanted and a very worthwhile charity benefited as well.

Oh EXCELLENT GerryA22! I'm really happy for you. Care to say which one? Hopefully it comes "stink free."

Darling Husband got an autographed football for us - the Corey Holmes one. Hopefully it's not the only touchdown football he gets this year (sadly it could be).

I gave serious thought to the "Dive from the Sky" thing, but I'm planning to do that later on anyway, could be best with warmer weather. I hope the person who gets that comes back to say how much they liked it.

Anyone else???

Tad Kornegay’s. As for the “stink” part - I will have to let you know after I get it!

i just won a helmet signed by the entire team, so i will now own a helmet signe dby this team and i have a football signed by the entire team in the 1-17 season.

Real keepers.

Reverend, you're getting a real CFL bloopers collection! Some day that's going to be worth a fortune... unless of course, the Cats make this style of play their norm. If that's the case, I hope you have a large cabinet for the stuff you're going to be collecting. I'd love to see pics. I love our players - but they've been getting the worst luck I've ever seen.