Labour Day Classic and damage control

I see Danny Mac and Damon Allen will be hosting the Casey Printers show tonight.

Presumably Casey is out of town during the bye week?

I notice the announcement page for this doesn't say anything about emailing questions this week, and I assume they won't be taking calls.

Guess there are only so many ways to sidestep "When will Casey be ready?" and "How is Casey enjoying his paychecks?". And the ol' classic "When is Casey going to throw a touchdown pass?".

I'm actually a supporter of Casey, and I think if he is healthy he should start on labour day. But I think any backlash which has been gaining steam is in part justified by the amount of talking Casey did when he first arrived.

I wonder if Casey would have still wanted the radio gig if he had known how the first half of the season would go?

On a not quite related note: Anyone remember if any quarterback other than Damon Allen has started at QB on each side of the Cats/Blue team classic? Chuck Ealey maybe? Dunigan was a Ticat in '96, but was he healthy for Labour Day that year?

Also, at least once since 1990 the traditional matchups were not played. Was that in '95, or some other year?

Dunigan did not play for the Cats on Labour Day that year... Calvillo did and we got smoked.

You're right about '95.
That year toronto hosted San Antonio on Labour Day and I think we hosted Baltimore on the Saturday night of Labour Day weekend. And got smoked.

Correct. Dunigan's last game was vs. Calgary at IWS in August '96. A concussion forced him into retirement. To that point, the 1996 season was looking good.

B.C. actually:

Dunigan’s tale progresses from making the cuts to picking them as his career in the CFL led him into coaching and TSN sports analysis after a crushing concussion tackled his Hall of Fame career. Matt still can’t remember being hammered by BC Lion’s defensive halfback Reggie Carthon and linebacker Sheldon Quarles that fateful 1996 night in the Ivor Wynn Stadium in Hamilton. “It was like watching Achilles being felled at Troy,? notes photographer Mark Okrainec, who was at Matt’s final game as quarterback.


that 96 team with dunigan had potential for the cup until we ran into injuries.
but john jenkins pass happy/shotgun offence basically put a huge target on dunigan and a young calvillo after.
one of my most enjoyable games that year was beating the argos at skydome in the opener (ithink)in front of like 40,000 fans with the dunigan vs flutie matchup.
does anyone remember ozzie faking the punt and running for the 1st down to seal it?

Yeah, I was there!

What a great game! Teriffic atmnosphere and buzz proving Rogers centre can be a good football stadium…

His last game was against BC.... i was there and remember

Also im pretty sure that in the 95 year with no Labour Day Classic we played Baltimore, and Toronto the week later...

It was August 2nd to be exact. I will never forget it , it was my daughters birthday and it happened right in front of us. sad day :cry:
I can only imagine what Matt could have done for us.

38-36 Hamilton... Winfield scored the winning TD

The way people talk about players sometimes is just downright ignorant. Yes, he is probably out of town. Do you realize that most of the players are Americans are probably hundreds if not thousands of kilometers from their families for six months of the year? He is entitled to leave town on his WEEK OFF. He got the same criticism for not being on the sidelines in games when he was in the booth, or didn't make the trip as the team doesn't usually take injured players on road trips. If you want to criticize something he does on the field, go to it. But people attack him for every move he makes and attach something about having a bad attitude or not being dedicated or whatever crazy thing they come up with. Give it a rest.

Calvillo didn't start that game, he was also injured for half that year. I remember Jusdanis started one game after Toni got hurt then they brought in some journey man qb and it was that 4th guy who started labour day.

And everyone always talks about how bad Toni was here but he lit it up in the second half of that season with all those Birmingham receivers and Jenkins chuck and duck system.

I didn't criticize Casey for taking the week off.

My comment about sidestepping questions was geared to the fact that the usual invitation to email questions was missing from the announcement that Danny and Damon would be guest-hosting. Since Danny is intimately familiar with the day-to-day happenings of the Ticats quarterbacks, I could foresee some fans trying to ask him those kind of questions.

As it turns out, they did take calls, though nothing nasty got through.

My main theme was that having a player host a radio show is an interesting idea, but it has the potential to turn ugly when times are bad.

And as I said: "I'm actually a supporter of Casey, and I think if he is healthy he should start on labour day. But I think any backlash which has been gaining steam is in part justified by the amount of talking Casey did when he first arrived."

You conveniently clipped that part out when you quoted me, so I'm not sure whether you read it. Disagree with that if you want. I think it's true.

I'm sure there are folks on the forums who have said all the things that you are implying I've said. Perhaps it would be more constructive to reserve your hostility for those people.

It's common practice on bulletion boards to "clip out" parts of the quote that you are not responding to.

Anyone reading thread knows what you've written in you original post.

Marvin Graves I think.

Marvin Graves did indeed start the '96 Labour Day game but he was replaced by Mike Kerrigan in the second half. Kerrigan started the next two games, a win and a loss, until Calvillo came back after recovering from a hamstring injury.