labour day=changes time. who is not expendeble?

traditionally this 9 day break is when the big changes happen and with the nfl cuts, this should be interesting especially after tonight's disgrace.
is anyone safe? what do you think?
my 2 cents!
coaching..erdman,kakauhi and poapoa gone goodbye. i'm on the fence with kavis and mcphee.
ronnie don't wanna coach,,get him outta there,players not responding to should already have a guy like taaffe ready with his own assistants.this week is the start of a training camp for next year.
give mcarthey the reins and bring in o/c buratto(calg) or chapdelaine(bc).
rest maas remainder of the season, he's banged up physically and mentally.let eakin and williams battle out spot with a proper offence.
players id keep...ranek,radlein,morreale,hudson,smith.hage,woodard,felice,donnelly, pat fleming .flick,ralph,ian fleming.cheat,auggy,mariuz,robichaud,hitch,cody,goss,bradley,kornegay.

i luv corey holmes but he's a free agent next year so get what you can for him now. plus,kahili hill coming back too? same with wayne smith belli, shaw and ranek. they have some value to deal.