Labour Day, Banjo Bowl

Well watching Winnipeg get destroyed by EE at half time in week #3. I can't wait to see those games. BB website is the worst that I've seen it. Coaches, players, management all thrown hard under the bus. They official have said that Swaggerville is dead.... finally they admit to it. And considering how pompus they were last year and it's thrown back in thier faces, ironic.

I don't see a sellout in Winnipeg right now. Will be more Rider fans then BB fans :lol:

Sorry... I meant I can't wait to see these two games (as per topic heading).

I know Odell can't wait.

doubt it...they sold something like 23K season tickets in a 29K stadium. The Bombers have pretty solid fan support, unfortunately they lost a lot of guys from the club this year.
C Obby Khan, G Brandon LaBatte, DT Doug Brown, DE Odell Willis, LB Clint Kent, LB Joe Lobendahn, WR Greg Carr, RB Fred Reid

Those are some big losses, and IMO were not replaced adequately.

Winnipeg has great fans. As much as I enjoy when we beat them down during Labour Day/Banjo Bowl, they have some really good fan support and it's hard to really hate them.

I have friends who are bomber fans. I dont hate them just enjoying the moment like they did last year to us. It's all in fun.

I am so very deeply sorry...


so when is it time for a billboard , something like "we love our Winnipeg nieghbours. "
They're just a little backwards
Riders 3-0 : Bombers 0-3 "

Well u know, thier not all that bad once u get to know them. Sure u have to speak slower and draw pictures sometimes, but it feels good ... kinda like when u give to a real needy charity :wink: In fact one of them has converted over to being a Rider fan (lives in Regina now). His two brothers are still Bomber fans so Labour Day is alot of fun. One recently left Winterpig for Saskatoon so he'll be a Rider fan in a couple of years. Takes a while to deprogram them. Little know fact but that bomber plane at thier games, the propeller is used to hypnotize people in the stands to be bomber fans. Obviously Rider fans don't notice since we are so strong mentally. :lol:

LOL, place it right at the border on Number 1

Good one :lol:

Attention, Attention. Someone is going have to change the billboard from 0-3 and 3-0 to 0-4 and 4-0. (Talked to Coach C. and mentioned the main thing about to-nites game was to beat coach Huff.)

W'peg in trouble. Big trouble.

Starting the season on the raod holding out hope for a completed stadium makes it incredibly hard on the coaches/players. Bombers should sue whatever company gave out guarantees because their season is over.

They are 0-4. They are very average. They cannot protect a QB. They have gimmie next week against the esks and they will goto 1-4................but then they have 3 home dates in a row against Als/Cats/BC. They need to win them all.............but they will win only one and then coach Lapo gets canned.

I predict 1-7 before labour day and Lapo gets fired (because somebody thought starting 4 games on the road was a smart thing to do. This decision is somewhat parallel to the green last year............Kenny is our VP, Brendan our GM, but Kenny has the last say...................and we'll be all right?