Labour day attendance

Montreal 18, 335
Sask 33,500
Calgary 33,731
Hamilton To Come

Starting to see a winning trend!

Calgary can't sell-out for the LDC. I'm sure Edmonton would have had more than that number had it been at Commonwealth.

Should move the LDC to Edmonton next year, IMO.

Also, the Montreal/Ottawa game needs to be moved to a saturday or sunday so Ottawa fans can travel to Montreal and fill that stadium.

Stamps was close to a sellout, but yeah...don't know why they insist on 2 games on a Monday of a long weekend, especially what many view as the last weekend of the summer

you don't know why there are 2 games on a Monday?

its probably the best day for Football. 33k is like a sell out. The seats that were not sold were bad seats and tons of singles available.

And its not the last weekend of the summer. You still have 2 more weeks. Most of Canada next weekend will be experiencing a big hot wave, so your point is mute.

Yep, unofficial last day of summer. I've still got 2 months of golfing left (at least)!

Too bad the Otttawa/Als game wasn't played in Ottawa, it would have been a sell out.
Regina, Calgary and Hamilton were all sell outs.

Stupid idea. Tradition is Calgary labour day, Edmonton return game.

So, it's a "stupid" idea - even if the change would be more successful financially than the status quo - because of 'tradition', yet everyone here wants to break from tradition and go single division....?

Not me.

To put pressure on cities to build new sports facilities, other leagues often take away things that were traditionally held in said city, or avoid giving that city large events.

The CFL could implement such a strategy and say McMahon stadium is too old to host grey cup games or Labour-day games, and the LDC is being moved to Edmonton indefinitely until a new stadium is build in Calgary.

Not sure I agree.

Calgary is hurting because of the price of oil. Extorting a new stadiums would leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

Hamilton 23,927 Well you build it you lose with it . Sad for sure. Lets not talk about capacity!!!

Sask almost full 33500. they will add 5000 extra seats for run.
Edmonton can and will handle 55,000
Calgary with extra play off run seats 38,000
BC could do 50,000 if goods are their but most likely 30,000
Winnipeg 40,000 for play of run with extra seats
Eastern teams sold out 100% capacity 24,500 each. Maybe. Better very nice!!!!

Nice, but Montreal and Calgary should be sellouts. A decade ago, and both stadiums would be sold out

But who really cares. Calgary doing a average drawing off 33,000 per game
Montreal doing fantastic drawing 18,000
Who has more points and WHY,

Anybody who cares about the continued financial health of the league should care.
Teams drawing less than they did 10 years ago is nothing to celebrate

Actually it is. Because the attendance was not as high 20 years ago. Ebs and Flows that you do not seem to understand. Attendance absolutely means nothing week in and week out in any pro league these days.

It would bother the stadium owners however.

Isn't Calgary max attendance 35000? So they have less than 1300 seats sold. These are probably the top corners of the stadium. Yes, they used to sell out, but its not like only 25k showed up. And ticket prices at stamps games, i believe are a lot more than they were 10 years ago.

As for the Montreal v Ottawa game, I agree it would be better on the weekend so people could possibly travel. However, doesn't montreal request weekday games for the summer because they are concerned with the number of people that leave town on the weekends. Plus, they don't get access to McGill on Saturdays.

I think a double header on Sunday and Monday would be good, not sure if that works in Montreal. May have to consider having Labor day game in Ottawa. However, we should give this time to build. Maybe a few nasty tilts in the playoffs between Montreal and Ottawa would kick start it.

As for Mondays, as long as I can remember the Alberta and Ontario labour day games have been on Monday. Although the East one used to be first and early like 11 am MT and the West would be 2 pm MT. Heck, when I was a season ticket holder for the Stamps years ago, I went to Kelowna for the long weekend, got up super early on the Monday and made if back for the game, even a little tail gaiting before the game. I get we have limited Summers, but the CFL teams only ask for a portion of those weekends from their fans.

According to

Attendance was 23,926

That said…I think that’s the paid attendance number, not the actual attendance. Yes, more then half the stadium left after the rain delay, but I have doubts that the house was a mere 375 away from a sellout. I get Tim Horton’s Field is a facility that offers a lot of amenities, patios and hang out spots besides seats, but there was a lot of grey in the stands yesterday. If we are going to say that about MLS attendances, we have to call it out when it happens in our league.

I think a lot of season ticket holders stayed away and some papering of the house happened this game due to the scandal, expected weather conditions and time of the game. I mean, I get, you want to have a late game so the cottager’s can come home early from the long weekend and get to the game, but 6:30pm, the night before the first day of school is kinda brutal for a family to bring to a game.

Still, that number is still a solid number in a facility that holds 24,300

Calgary is one of the worst CFL cities in the league. I have CFL season tickets there and except for the LDC and when the Roughriders are there they barely get 20,000 in actual attendance. Good on them that they usually see about 27000ish sold tickets but bad on them that there is seldom more then 20,000 in actual attendance.

It is an apathetic market to say the least......

I've said that for years.