Labour day almost sold out, buy now!

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In the meantime, a little birdie told me the Cats have sold over 25,000 tickets for the Labour Day against the Argos, meaning a sellout is well within reach.

Great news. A big crowd as lots of noise to distract those bums down the road. We need a big win to get back on track.

Correction we need TWO big wins.

That would be great but lets win 1 at a time

Labour day is worth two. :wink:

Beating the Argos on Labour day is almost as good as winning a playoff game! I hope we really take it to them, with a sold out IWS :rockin:

listening to danny mac show and rick zamparin(sp) said over 25,000 tickets sold so it should be sold out

As much as I would love to cream the Argos on labour day,I think the best labour day game I have ever seen was a few years ago when it went to O.T.
I would love to see that again,as long as we end up winning lol. :thup:

If we can get 25K for an Argo game, we should be able to get that many for every other game.

I love the fact that we can do well on Labour Day but we have 9 other home games a year. What I don't like is that so many people come out and pretend to be Ticat fans for 1 game just cuz it's the Argos.

I would love to see a sell out every game of the season.

8) How right you are !!!

I got a feeling im going to end up losing my voice on sept 7th. :rockin:

I hear what your saying Brucefan, but I would rather the Cats beat the stuffing out of them :smiley: You know what I mean!! But a win will do :thup:

I'm dying to see what AB3 has in store for the Argo's if he scores a TD. The key to this game is to build up the intensity early. One thing I noticed is, after the intro movie and the players come on the field everyone's balls to the wall insane. Then the national anthem get's us more wired up. Then, we usually make early mistakes to make the fans sit on their hands. We need to do something, anything early to keep the crowd loud. The Argo's have to feel and fear that rabid 13th man. Can't wait, even if it means I gotta go back to school the next day :lol:

If weather holds it should be a sell-out or close to it.
A sunny day and a good walk-up will put it over the top.

Checking the long term forecast it looks like "clear and sunny" and 70F.

I'll take that! :thup:

8) You mean, we do not have to bring rainwear for a change !!! :wink:

Nice day for flyovers: wonder if it will be the Lancaster and the CF-18s ?

I’ve got 4 extras coming. Let’s make it loud.

Sorry -- noticed a typo. I think you meant to say "clear and sunny" and 21C !!! :wink:

I'm hoping the forecast changes and they predict cool and rainy. Need the ticket sales to slow down, my original attendance guess a couple of weeks ago was 25,400. Any more than that its too crowded!