Labour Day....Almost a Sell Out already as per Bob Young

Just saw this Twitter message from Bob Young come across my Facebook news feed .....please don't ask me how THAT works....I'm still all confused about that Twitter thingy...... :lol:

[b]Bob Young

Just heard only 1,100 #Ticats tix left for Labour Day #CFL game against Toronto #Argos! Need to hurry to be part of a fun event!

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great news deerhunter. :thup:
sounds as if the game will be a complete sellout by Labor Day.
The anticipation of a full raucous stadium will be electrifying.

when did the Ticats last sellout a home game BTW?

Every Game should have been Sold Out this year! :thdn: ! the last sell out was Labour Day 2010.

If they were winning id like to think they could be selling out, but they need to get on a roll before that will happen.

It's a key game for both teams, should be a good one and looking very forward to it.

As far as selling out every game, hopefully that will come with time, one can only hope. :?

Hopefully in a new smaller stadium they can sell out most games.

From Drew Edwards, scratching post

• there are still just over 1,000 tickets left for Labour Day. I find that somewhat surprising.

Not sure why he finds it surprising. This isn't the Hamilton of old when most of the city was behind their Ticats and the Bills, very close geographically to Hamilton of course, were playing out of War Memorial Stadium, as dungy as the current IWS is, and the NFL being so close to here as I mention, wasn't all that big and celebrated as it now is with modern television production.

Times have changed, that's for sure. The city of Hamilton never did change with their stadium though and have been left behind as an afterthought in most circles, it's surprising anyone anywhere would have wanted to purchase the Tiger-Cats really. Let's face it, if it weren't for Bob Young, there would maybe be no TiCats, IWS would still have a high school "video" board etc. Someone had to make the city move and Bob was an important part of this, even though he's rubbed a few people the wrong way. That's the way it goes though in these sorts of endeavours. Somehow I don't think the city ever thought TSN would be doing what they are doing with the CFL and showcasing every game with a super panel and production. Yes, IWS makes Hamilton look like a joke somewhat with the splinter boards for seats and magic markers for numbers. Things will be changing soon though for the city as the new stadium will hopefully help showcase Hamilton on national television in a better light - and with seats not labelled with magic markers. 8)

Not sure why he finds it surprising.
That's because Drew needs to look up from his laptop occasionally and figure out why the last 1,000 tickets are always a tough sell.

It's because they are single seats scattered here and there with very few seats available beside each other.

Not too many people go to a game by themselves and a big game like this one means you actually have to sit in your assigned seat and can't hook up with others and sit together in an empty section like you can at other games.

I think he finds it Surprising, because its the last year at IWS and the crowds have been pretty much the same as last year, and quite frankly I am surprised also !! :o

I'm sure it will sell just takes a bit longer to sell the remaining singles one at a time

It is too bad that the last Labour Day game at the current IWS wasn't sold out a long time ago though. :?

But as I say, times have changed. I would bet my bottom dollar at least 50 percent of Hamiltonians (Canadians) under the age of 25-30 don't even know why it's called Labour Day weekend, and a small percentage from that don't see it as a weekend of showcasing Canadian culture through something like our own Canadian Football League. And even a smaller percentage know it's the last year of IWS, if they even know what IWS is. :?

And regardless, there may be less Hamiltonians in this day and age who would venture to areas below the mountain like where IWS is compared with a smaller populated city of yesterday. I don't know.

There have only been 2 sellouts on Labor Day the past 7 seasons, so we are doing fine and will likely have 30,000+ for the game.

Fan support has been steady thus far, and will only improve in the fall as history dictates.

the sky is not falling. (a few beers on game day perhaps...) :smiley:

Ticats Set For Final Labour Day Classic at Ivor Wynne

[url=] ... ivor-wynne[/url]

The final Labour Day Classic at Ivor Wynne Stadium kicks off this Monday, September 3 at 1 p.m.

For the 43rd time in the 63-year history of the Labour Day Classic, the Ticats will host the Toronto Argonauts in a crucial East Division battle. In their previous 43 Labour Day meetings, the Ticats hold a 29-12-1 over their archrivals.

Purolator Tackle Hunger

Purolator is encouraging Tiger-Cats fans to help tackle hunger by bringing a non-perishable food item or cash donation to the Purolator volunteers stationed at the stadium gates. In return, fans will have the opportunity to receive a digital photo with the Grey Cup and enter a season-long random draw to win a trip for two to the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

Since 2003, Hamilton football fans have helped raise 268,850 pounds of food through the Purolator Tackle Hunger program – including 86,500 pounds in 2011 – for Hamilton Food Share.

Halftime Entertainment

Halftime will feature a performance by Syracuse University’s Pride of the Orange Marching Band. Founded in 1901, the 200-member Syracuse marching band is one of the oldest collegiate bands in the United States.

Following the band’s presentation, the Tiger-Cats will honour one of the most exciting players in team history, Earl Winfield. During his 11 seasons in Black and Gold, ‘The Pearl’ set team records for receiving yards (10,119) and receiving touchdowns (75) while also setting a new team mark for career punt return touchdowns (11). He was nominated as the Ticats Most Outstanding Player five times, named an East Division All-Star four times, and was added to the Wall of Honour at Ivor Wynne in 2005.

The music video for Arkells new single ‘Ticats are Hummin’ will also make its debut at halftime. The official anthem of the Ticats was released by the multi-award winning Hamilton band last week.

Pre-Game Festivities

The action gets underway at the Beechwood Pre-Game Party. Beginning at 11 a.m., the Ticats will shut down Beechwood Avenue for a streetfest full of inflatable games, great eats from Smoke’s Poutinerie, and more.

The first 5,000 fans through the gates will receive a Stirling Print Solutions game roster/poster of linebacker Jamall Johnson. Fisherman’s Friend will provide samples to fans as they enter Ivor Wynne while Old Dutch will provide chips to fans after the game.

Inside the stadium, fans can exchange a loonie for a brand new commemorative 100th Grey Cup $1 coin at the Royal Canadian Mint booth, located inside the Melrose gate. The commemorative coin will be used during the coin toss prior to each CFL game in the lead-up to and during the 100th Grey Cup game in Toronto on November 25, 2012.

Warplane Flyovers :wink: :thup: :wink:

Fans are encouraged to be in their seats prior to kickoff to see flyovers by the B-25 Mitchell, the Fairley Firefly Mk.6 and the Avro Lancaster courtesy of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Actually there are a lot of seats still together

[url=] ... =CFC_CFL_1[/url]

That is because Labor Day is not about Canadian Culture and the Canadian Football League ...
( I left the U out of labor on purpose we don't use it down here)

Also a sell-out in the new stadium with that many fewer seats seems like not as big of deal

Looks like around 600 tickets still available not counting the few singles that are scattered throughout the stadium.

nice !........great news for last minute walk-ups at the ticket office...

History in the making. I would be ashamed of myself, as a Hamiltonian (not even someone who grew up here and as someone who despised the Cats and thought of Hamilton as nothing but dirt, smell and steel), if I didn't attend this game in this historic season.

Ok, so parts of Hamilton are still dirt, smell and steel, nothing I can do about that but actually it adds to this city for me as someone who grew up in white collar London and idolized anything University of Western Ontario (McMaster was like the lowest class university we used to say). :wink:

Actually Mac still is a dump compared with UWO but they do have a great football program (and their "famed" and very overrated "evidence based program in medicine"), of course for the large part due to a Londoner Therese Quigley, who "gets it" or "got it" shall I say. :wink: (football program, not EBM thingy)

Thank you Clint Eastwood.