Labour Day 2012 Play-by-Play Game Thread: 9/3/2012

Hi folks!

Kickoff is imminent.

Good point. Ray hasn't been as impressive with that O line in front of him, although I don't like the look of our D right now. Offence and special teams must carry this team once again.

Hi Russ.

Kickoff coming up...

Rod Black is on .......

Mute TV

Game on!

We won coin toss. That had better not be only thing we win today.

Rutley starts us at our 38. Now offence, remember what I said about carrying this team...

They showed the old birds fly over (thanks, CWH and DH), and we heard the CF-188s.

Game on.

2 and out is not the way to start!!

Great Start!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Punt Bartel!

Fantuz can't hang on, Isaac gets in Burris face, 2 and out. Not the start we wanted.

Owens starts them at their 30. Turn up the volume, all 30000 of you...

Our Defense is Phenomenal! Keep up the S*** boys! :smiley:

Owens gains 20, then they get another FD.

Need more pressure on Ray. Crowd not as loud as I'd like.

Just Keep the arblow march going D!

And yes BYF, crown seems kind of Quiet!

Ray to Owens TD strike, 7-0 Arblows

Got in Ray's face, he gets throws TD pass to Owens anyway.

OK, last year's Labour Day game, this team got off to bad start but then blew out the Als. Would be great to see us rebound like that again.

The new guy #14 Nick Graham got burned.
Burris better get it into gear this drive

Walker slips when he could have had a big gain :roll:

Finds Dave Stala for the FD!

We start at our 30.

Walker gains 4, woulda had more if not for him slipping. But then pass to Stala gets us to midfield! Keep that up.

Stala has come to play today!

Oh crap.

That was Fantuz who could not get that, leading to the INT?

This is going to be one of those games isn't it.... :x

Ugh... tipped pick!

Burris Throws a pick,

the Boo Birds will be out soon unless we sink their ship!

Fantuz couldn’t bring it in… :frowning: