Labour Day 2007 Play-by-Play Game Thread

Chang is 2/7
If he keeps playing like this how long do you give him?

3 more 2 and outs might be the limit

One of these quarterbacks is going to get in their groove soon..let's hope it's Chang.....

ugh!!!! Anderson....

I think Bishop just got the one up on Chang

Toronto TD.


Bishop throws the TD.


I really dont think Chang is going to do it...very nervous looking ...terible handoffs and passes no where near his intended receivers

I spoke too soon! :expressionless:

Nice to hear Radlein getting the ball

Cats have 21 total yards offence

Chang looks surprisingly nervous.......I would have thought he'd be getting past this by now.....

if they have to insert Maas in for a few series to calm Chang down, do it now......


2 No Yards penalties on consecutive punts

First one cost a first down the second one field position

Hamilton is starting to find a way to lose

I second that mikey

The sack redeems the defence but the offence needs to settle down and execute


Change chang

13:18 left in the second quarter.

Just marking the time when we lost the lead.

ok....insert Maas now.......Chang can't even throw it to the right colour jersey right now.......he's just not into this game.....

maybe bring him back in the second half once he gets his head straight....

And some of you posters thought changing Mass for Chang would better the team...