Labour Day 2007 Play-by-Play Game Thread

91 yard punt??? Holly crow!!!!

Bishop is passing like Chang so far

Fantastic!!! But wait there is a flag




It's here and now, baby!

Zeke and destroy!

Toronto gets off to a bad start.

Bad opening drive for the Argos...especially Bishop.

Argos already down by 8.

this is good!

Throw the Argos right off there game plan!

WE scored 8 points on defence

Things are looking up. Cats have to keep on top of this and pound Toronto into the ground on this drive

How did miles get so open?

No yards!!!! the 15 yard type

Radlien for 7

Cat defence feels so confident they can even play with 11 players on the field

That's the first carry by Radelin this season

Setta is just boomin' them today

Chang seems to be getting confused

Cats are winning the field postion battle

Both QB's are thowing high

That would explain a lot of things

these high snaps in the shotgun have to stop....they completely slow down the handoffs........