Labor Day ?

Will the labor Day game be televised here on TSN or other?

ESPN :stuck_out_tongue:

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DIY Network

TSN and it's Five new channels 1. Labour Day Game 2. Darts 3. Lawn Bowling 4. Hot Tub Races 5. Major League Tag Team Fishing?

The Labor Day game will be on ESPN3.
The Labour Day game will be on TSN. And based on what my on-screen guide is saying for the games earlier that weekend, it will also be on TSN3, TSN4, & TSN5.

Are you kidding me?!!??!!! I'm so angry that they are preempting the Kashmiri Middle School Cricket League preseason games with Lawn Bowling. Hot tub races, maybe, but Lawn Bowling??!!!??? Unacceptable.

It will be on HGTV as an episode of House Hunters. :rockin:

Rogers Sportsnet is picking it up so they can boost their TV Ratings :lol: