labor day - where to stay- need advice

hey this may sound like a dumb post but meh i need info, for u bomber fans that travel to regina for the labor day game, from ur experiences what hotels/motels/ins or w/e :wink: are good to stay in? ive stayed in the old imperial 400 or i gues its the howard johnson for the last 3 years not and its alright i mean lotsa BB fans nd parties, but its kinda gettin old there now although the waterslides still amuse me 8) but were thinkin of stayin sumwhere else this yeaR but we dont know what will be good, not only as a nice hotel with a pool hehe but wit lotsa bomber fans too, any ideas :?:

How about sleeping in a van down by the river? No, seriously. . .travelodge, quality hotel, delta regina, ramada, radisson - there are lots to choose from, and lots of nice ones, to boot.

The travelodge is nice, it’s right by the Imperial 400 on the south side of Regina, I think it has a pool and waterslide.

You could also try the delta, it’s right downtown, about 10 blocks from taylor field, across the street from the casino, and pretty close to some of the bars and pubs. It also has a pool and waterslide.

I agree that the Travelodge in south Regina is good both accommodation and pricewise…A little further south is the Rouleau (alias Dog River) Hotel…I hear some big TV stars, like Brent Butt, hang out there. :roll: :mrgreen:

The Blue Bomber cheerleaders stayed at the Regina Inn last year. I know this because I had a wedding to go there not because I was stalking them. Although I don’t think I could say the same about some of my single friends.

Regina Inn it is.

Travelodge South is good, so is the Delta.

cheerleaders eh tempting hhmm… doesnt the team staym there too ? i thot they did but newayz sumthing near that bar and casino sounds good cept for the fact im 16 and cant use them lol!! but thanx for the input guys im hearin good things bout the travelodge nd i think the ppl im goin wit are kinda leaning towards it so we’l c… regina inn sounds fun tho ! :smiley:

Nice slides and a decent little gym at the Travelodge too, and it’s closer to fast food than the Delta is.

mmm fast food 8)

If you’re only 16 I reccomend the travelodge.