Labor Day Travel

What’s it take to get into Canada from Buffalo? And then what’s it take to get out of Canada to Buffalo?

Planning on sending @MrsCoachE to the game (this will be her 3rd consecutive Labor Day game, I have 0🤔). My daughter-in-law crossed a couple weeks ago, but I’m sure the protocols have changed and want to make sure we do it right, since she’ll be by herself.

Thanks for any insight


This is one Govt link I found:

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One more:

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Thanks for the info

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Glad to see you back posting Coach . :+1: Welcome home . :grinning:

I’m just looking for info on travel - thanks

Does anyone have insight on crossing the Rainbow Bridge for an American - we had no trouble traveling all over Europe this summer with just our Vax Card, but had to jump thru hoops in Turkey just to get back to the USA.

No problem. Should be plenty of info or links to other types you might need.

It's expensive if you have to pay for the tests and wait for the results.

Full explanation on this government site. Posted on Aug 9 so should be the rules as they exist now.

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