Labor Day, ready, set, go??

Will the new THF finally be ready to go for the Labor Day Classic between the hometown Cats and the Argo's or will we get hit with another delay before September 1st??

Latest from Ti-Cats Management:

Earlier today, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats received the following statement from the City of Hamilton regarding construction progress at Tim Hortons Field:

“After a meeting yesterday that was attended by all parties relevant to the construction of Tim Hortons Field, and with further detail provided today, the building consortium of ONSS has presented a plan to have the stadium ready for the Labour Day Classic. We have seen very significant progress in the last month and look forward to continuing to work with ONSS to ensure the opening of Tim Hortons Field for that important event. After playing their August 16th game at McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium, we will work with the Tiger-Cats and all parties to transition the City of Hamilton and the team into the stadium.?

Tiger-Cats President and Chief Operating Officer Glenn Gibson remarked, “We were very pleased to hear ONSS has a plan in place that will see Tim Hortons Field open for the Labour Day Classic. Kicking off the first game at our brand-new, world-class stadium on Labour Day will truly be a memorable day in Hamilton sports history.?

Fans that have previously purchased tickets to the August 16 game will be issued a credit or refund for the full value of each game. Season seat holders will be provided with ticket details later this afternoon. 7, 2014

Let's hope the stadium is finally ready to go!!

Story from CBC Hamilton on July 7, 2014

Following a meeting today with all involved parties, the City of Hamilton has confirmed that the Tiger Cat home games scheduled for July 26th and July 31st will not take place at the new Pan Am Stadium (Tim Hortons Field) as the facility will not be safe and ready for occupancy by then. We will review the construction status again at the end of July and provide a further update at that time.

I think everyone is holding their breathe to see if we actually play on Labor Day at Tim Horton's Field or not?

Keep your fingers crossed fans this could be the one, I think we are in for an opening day celebration on Sept 1st and hopefully a Tiger-Cat Win over the Argo's wouldn't that be sweet!!

Careful we've heard empty promises before ill believe it when I see it

I know nothing about construction so take what I say with a grain of salt but...

I looks like it should be workable, but not perfect, by Labour Day.

I hear that the stadium should be ready to hold the Labor Day Classic between the Cats and Argo's. The field will be ready, the seating, washrooms and concessions, many areas will still have work left to do inside and out, finishing and of course exterior outside work but it should be ready to play the game by September 1st and watch from the stands, that will be great to see!


Go Argos, Go
I have six tickets for that game, so I am really hoping the Argos get to ruin the third stadium opening game in two seasons. Sorry , but I do cheer for the Ticats when they are not playing the Argos.

The Arblows didn't beat the Ottawa Rejects in their home opener this season. I suppose the other two were Winterpeg last year and ???

The Argo section at the new THF stadium will be the one with No safety rails in place for a quick exit when they get their Lilly Blue Arses Kicked by the Tiger-Cats on Labor Day!!