Labor Day Masscare

Words cannot describe the Hamliton-T.O game. It was pitiful and disgraceful imho of the game that i though would be exciting. A 40-6 loss to the Argos is a sad shame to go out the way the Ticats have now. For a franchise so rich in history how can Ticats fans hold their heads up high. For the Argos congrats on a one-sided win however i still don't like them as i hate the Leafs. Right now the Team needs a overhaul and it should be doing so by trading Holmes back the RoughRiders{HE DESERVES to be on a winner} From now on the Team needs to get it's act together.

which Labour Day Masscare were you talkin about all 3 games??? :lol:

I am talking bout the T.O-Hamilton Game and the RoughRiders-BlueBombers game.

Actually all 4 games this weekend were blowouts

Blowouts yes but they were blowouts to the point we know who might go to the Grey Cup. and who will be humliated.

Duck Monkee why are we not dicussing the Rider vs Winnipeg game! I thought you had a liking to the Blue and gold or just maybe you jumped ship already!

What do you mean by that. I have a liking of the Bombers it's jsut that i decided to watch a Labor Day game as well as the Bombers-Riders game. Is there anything wrong with watching both games?

Absolutely not! But it is funny that you bomber supports have disappeared this weekend just wondering why you would want to discuss the Tiger Cats when the Bombers are your interest! I guess the Rider team left you speechless! :lol: I chatted with Piggy no problem there! Just wondering why you do not wish to talk about the stinker at Taylor field!

ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR....HOW DARE YOU insult me like that. Your team is nothing more then foolish stubborn jerks.

The Ticat-Argo game wasn't a blowout until they stopped the game to honour Damon Allen.

It was actually fairly close up until that point.

Then in the 4th quarter the Argos score 28 points.

Maybe it's sour grapes on my part, and I know that Damon Allen deserves the applause and the respect.

But, couldn't they wait until the end of the game to honour him.

After all, I am sure he will be honoured again next game in Toronto.

It was 11-6 when they stopped the game.

After the pause, the Argos blew the game open in the 4th quarter.

Would that have happened if they had not stopped the game?

Momentum is everything especially for the ticats who easily lose their confidence.

And isn't that exactly what happened after they paused the game to honour Allen?

The CFL has stopped games to honour achievements over the last few years. Critics have always said the CFL doesn't acknowledge any great moments so they have tried to correct that. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think they honoured Stegal for one of his achievements last year. When Allen played for the Lions, they stopped the game for a presentation. Mike Pringle was also honoured at BC Place a few years back.

I don't like it either. IMNSHO, no game should be stopped in order to honour an achievement. Either they do it at half-time, or they can do it after the game, but never during play.

bomber fans havent been commenting because im sure most of them like me were in regina and didnt get back til last night...

  1. No where did I say you were a liar it may have been implied but NO!
    2)Insult you again where are you reading my post!
  2. Those foolish stubborn jerks have a good handle on 2nd place and just one game out of first! Just maybe your team should try to be foolish stubborn jerks!
:lol: :lol: What? Duck monkee where are you getting that in my thread! Read it again! Maybe then you might understand it! Speaking of insulting read your post! Too funny!

No problem would you like to discuss the Bombers now! YEs some of you may have trekked out to the wild stadium to the west of you. But all of them! Thats okay everyone is back I am sure one of you would like to talk about the bombers. By the way I have chatted with a few bombers fans they had no problem. I must have touched a sore spot with the two of you (bompeder and Duckmonk)!
It is okay if you do not want to make a thread about it I can understand that do not go crazy on me here! White jacket six foot arms with the straps please!

In case anyone missed the games they'll be re-airing them on ESPN clasics next year the week before laborday.

Wow we can watch Ricky Ray get beat up all over again! :lol:

r4758: Just a question, but how did stopping the game at that point interrupt the Ti-Cats momentum? The Argos had just scored the TD> If anyone's momentum would have been interrupted, wouldn't it have been the team that was building it?

I agree that momentum, confidence and staying in the game are huge. However, the wonderful coaching of Hamilton would put an end to all of that not Damon Allen. Going for it in your own end on 3rd and more than 2 in a close game was just stupid. The Ti-cats lost anything they had after that especially when Toronto scores off the turnover and it was a snowball effect from there.

I agree with argofan4life.. Any momentum eliminated by the celebration belonged to Toronto in any case. This is major sour grapes. Just cross your fingers (and toes) and hope that the tabbies can actually put together a game worth playing when they head up the road for the rematch.