Labor Day Classic Logo

Does anyone know where I can find that online? I want to add that to my frame! 8)

and is it jsut me or did Dual (the Al's Kicker/Punter) kick a 50+ FG tonight?

Also, Ro, whats so wrong with me calling the Al's, the Aloucords?

I am pretty sure there is no such thing as a labour day classic logo. But I am oretty sure you will make one now, because somehow this has become your life.

I don't like logos. its just branding, and why would you need a special brand symbol for the LDC. The unofficial names are much better

i like the idea of a LDC logo.....give it more of a BIG GAME the playoffs.

I believe the CFL did create a Labour Day Classic logo for the LD weekend games last year and they're using it again this season. I believe its sort of a blue colour with the words "Labour Day Classic" stylized over a football. I don't know where you could find it tho.

They do have a LDC logo this year. They showed it on TSN. Exactly what mongo said.

Its was a joke Kanga

me too. :smiley:

M’k, I was not sure you were seroius.


Yeah, that is what I’m talking abou!

So no one knows where I can get it, How about

When I was at the Blue Jay game last night, I ducked into their team store, which doubles as the Argos’ team store, before the game. In there, they had a Labour Day Classic t-shirt with the LDC logo between the helmets of the Double Blue and the Tabbies. Didn’t get a chance to see how much they wanted for it tho.