Labor Day Attendance

Anybody NOT going to the Labor Day Classic?

I'm not.

What? And miss the flypasts and the parachutists? No way! (Hope the weather's good)

I won't be there... I will be in Burlington to do training at our head office and actually asked for a weekend flight to take in the Ticats Game as well, however since the season is over I doubt I will attend and simply toss my tickets in the garbage... Thank God the NHL will be up an running in a few weeks to put me out of my misery...

You guys all need a head check if you continue to support such a non professional organization...

I'm not but it not because of the team i just can't make it

I'm not going to attend. I'm not going to support this team anymore until they turn things around.

I recall back in the 90's, a Labour Day crowd of 33,000. They put in extra stands to accommodate all. This year, we are lucky to get 15K.

I won't be there. its cheaper and less
painfull to watch on TV.
Todays game did not bother me because I
knew that we were going to lose.
And the Argos are going to kill us.

Not going to games is not going to turn things around for this team. The last thing we need is to piss off Bob Young and have him leave with no one to take over the team. A crappy team is better than no team at all. I’ll be there, even though I know, we’ll probably lose big to the blue team. Man, the Tiger-Cats are killing my spirit.

I wouldn't worry about Bob. He's a smart cat, with a 5 year plan and a string of really bad luck with this venture.

I'm not going to the Labour Day game either, but I live far away.

When was the last time we had less then 20k for Labour Day :? If I remember correctly, we managed to draw just over 20k in 2003, when we only won one game, and had no owner.

Cunny wrote, I recall back in the 90's, a Labour Day crowd of 33,000. They put in extra stands to accommodate all. This year, we are lucky to get 15K.
No way, this game will still be sold out!!


Come join US :thup:


That was probably the 96 game, when they moved the stands from the Toronto Road Race right over here to get ready for the 96 Grey Cup.

I received a message last week on my answering machine from one of Tiger Cat event staff. He stated that he had noticed that I had purchased two tickets for the season opener and was wondering If I would like to purchase tickets to the " Classic ".

Sorry to say but I has planned on taking my 7 year old grandson and two other people to the game. After last nights display - sorry but I will spend my hard earned dollars somewhere where I will get full value for my money.............. Something has to drasictly
change before I will take the trip from Kitchener and drop $ 200.00 on high school calibre football.

Count us out.

Against my better judgement I purchased 4 season tickets again this year. I will attend the game just because it is Labour Day. As for the rest of the season, who knows? I just hope the management takes into consideration that Bobs number one fear is coming true.....people are starting not to care anymore and it will be reflected in attendance.

I`ll be there. Go Cats Go

Anyone not going that has tickets.. PM me and give them to me.. I'll find people who want to go.. I'm going.. I won't give up on this team ever, anyone who thought this season was gonna be easy needs to have their heads examined.

Ill be going, The Labour day Classic is still the Labour day Classic, :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a pre-season basketball game at the University of Guelph which would surely give me more satisfaction in terms of a new b’ball season approaching rather than travel to Hamilton and continue to watch a football season going down the tube.