Labinjo released...

...too bad, I enjoyed his contributions to the stamps...I'm guessing injuries that piled up last year were insurmountable...

I wonder if the Als will move on him, and whether other teams would be interested. At one point in time, he was a game-breaking NI defensive lineman. Does he still have gas left in the tank?

No suprise at all. We all new his days were numbered. Huffer has a lot of Canadians comming into camp this year. Mike had some good times but could not overcome adversity. I wish him the best. Hopefully in Toronto with other x stamps. Also his home. Justin Cooper signed for Training camp today. He has a small chance of making the team.

Didn't the Als already conditionally trade for him, but refused for reasons we all assumed was because he didn't pass medicals?

He failed a physical in which the Als were checking him to see how he was recovering from off-season surgery. No reason they (or any other team) couldn't bring him in for a physical before signing him if they are interested.

Ahh, gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.