Labinjo must be suspended!

Mike Labinjo drove his knees into the Edmonton players ribcage not once but twice during the brawl in tonights game. It was a deliberate attempt to injure and the league has to take action!


he won't be. I assure you, it's just how things go in the league.

heck if Gass doesn't get suspended for tossing a helmet, Labinjo won't get suspended.

he'll get fined by Huf but he won't be suspended.

He should be but I very much doubt it, unless someone at the head of this league has finally grown a pair.

Probably not, I said he should be but face facts, throwing your helmet down the field is not the same as deliberately trying to injure a player. Even you can see that.

This is from the Player Safety Standards which came into effect in Oct, 2008:

From now on, any illegal act that creates a substantial and unnecessary risk of injury to an opposing player will be subject to a mandatory suspension.

Examples of illegal acts that will be deemed to create a substantial and unnecessary risk of injury to an opposing player include the following:

• spearing to the helmet or facemask of an opposing player outside of the acceptable standards of play
• throwing a helmet in a reckless and dangerous manner
violently kicking, punching, kneeing, or stomping an opponent who is in a defenseless position.

That would seem to fit the situation exactly. He should be suspended. With the new CBA the appeals process has changed so the appeal would be heard and decided before the Stamps play again.

I briefly saw the replay, but not much more, so I'll wait to make judgment. On AJ Gass, that was a looong time ago. Cohon came out last season and said players would be suspended for this type of stuff. Of course, then he backed down when (was it Murphy?) grabbed a player and held him down and sat on top of him. :roll:

So I doubt anything will happen, if anything needs to happen.

Frankly, to me the worst thing he did to Talbot in all of that was how he dragged him several feet by the facemask; that was even worse than the kicking (which, in itself, should warrant a suspension), IMHO.

I saw that he was extremely violent with the entire ordeal. He literally stampeded (no pun intended) all over Talbot, and got no penalty what so ever. Kirkland barely landed a punch at all and he got immediately suspended. Stuff like this pisses me off.

Kirkland threw PUNCHES.. that's a DQ.. no question there.

I counted one, and it was more of a knock. Comparing to what Labinjo did it was minimal.

When they showed the replay, I only saw one punch as well and it was more a glancing blow. What Labinjo did was something out of the WWE (except it was real).

This thread reminds me of TSN's coverage of the Stamps. Even after a blowout like that, you'll never hear anything positive about them; they always find some minor, irrelevant thing that happened to during the game and use it to trash them.

Looking forward to seeing what you choose to bitch about when we're raising the Cup in November.

totaly agree suspend labinjo. Amazing how all the reffs and commintators missed that, to busy crapping on edmonton for everything that happened in the game to notice, it takes 2 to stir up crap like what was going on in this game. Most of us wernt born yesterday calgary's botched kick ya right, that was an entire salt lick block in the wound, if you line up for a short kick you look like a prick if you just happen to get it wow what amazing luck now you got a greate chance to drive that score up and and drive an already spiraling team into the dust and make yourself look like heros.

The game is 60 minutes, stop them , it's that simple !

Seriously? Are you condoning what he did, if not condoning it then trivializing it? Do you really think what he did doesn't affect the safety of the players and the image of the league?

Kirkwood threw a PUNCH.. wow..

Yep it is that simple. You also have to play them 2 out of your next three games' winning isnt as high on their list anymore as now it's revenge. people are going to get hurt next game.

It's football people get hurt all the time ! Letting up with 10 minutes to go in game will increase your chances of injury ! As soon as a player lets up he isn't focused anymore or sharp and that's when injuries happen !

From what I've watched over the last two years I doubt anything will come of it (even if he deserves to be suspended). Don't get me wrong on this, I'm all for due process and making sure the right thing is done, but everytime a suspension has been handed out the player has challenged it and has it overturned at no loss to them. If I were to make one major complaint about the CFL it would be against the ineffectiveness of the game suspension penalties on players.

yes it is football people get hurt calgary has some amazing talent and they have just hit their stride, decisions were made tonight that pissed off edmonton, the rest of the teams are watching these games, players remember these things 19 weeks of football is a long way from week 7 to go without "injury"