Labinjo goes to Montreal

Trade him for sanchez! Were short one in the secondary

I can only shake my head... :expressionless:

...I don't quite read it the same way papa, Popp sounds like the Als passed on the deal, allowing the window to close, perhaps Labinjo failed a medical which would have been a logical condition placed on the deal...

....yes, the medical situation is probably the most likely scenario....I guess the stamps would've preferred my methinks Huff has a problem...UNLESS Labinjo goes on a work regimen and transforms his body back to 08's not a great position for the stamps to be in, with regards to his services.. :roll:

...why not a great position? If he cannot compete we simply let him go, no contract is guarenteed...the past three years I've groaned at the defensive changes Huf has made in the off-season and shrugged undecidedly at Jones's squad at TC and yet each year those two seem to field a top-notch D based on year-end trust is in them for 2011, why wouldn't it be they havent' done anything to let me down yet....

Or perhaps the Als wanted him to take a paycut and he refused. With all the FAs the Als have who will all want raises to re-sign maybe Labinjo's contract wasn't cap friendly for the Als.

The Als flew him to Montreal and many medical tests were performed by 4 Als doctors; the tests concluded that he would not be ready for training camp. They-Als- voided the trade as per the original agreement; they had a week to make a decision.
It's that simple and be positive and stop "de chercher des bébites'


Wow ! That's a post :thup:

if he can't be ready for camp in Montreal he can't be ready for any other team.... Tough break for Mike. Maybe he can do like Lumsden or that LB in BC and train himself back into shape and attempt a comeback.

....i believe the original position was that Huff thought he could get something for Labinjo...hence the trade...Obviously that won't happen now and he most likely gets released and the stamps clear him off of their books...Tough position for Mike though IF he wants to continue his pro career in the CFL...We've heard everything from 'failed medical' to his poor attitude...Until that clears up i guess Labinjo is in limbo-land and life goes on :roll:

According to the Calgary Sun, Labinjo's failing the physical wasn't because of his weight or conditioning. It was because of the elbow he had surgery on.

If he works at it. And works out, he could be ready by training camp. Hard to say if huff will give him much of a chance

Or if he passes a physical closer to TC then he could get traded again - maybe even to the Als.