Labinjo goes to Montreal

For future considerations... :expressionless:

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Also on the Montreal front, Bowman signed an extension, and Hawkins signed with the Rams.

well. I dunno, the move is good for Montreal but I really don't like how the Als continue to get better.

Like I said, their depth would be all stars on other teams, it's freaky.Every position, all the way through is pretty well perfection.

Labinjo has had one really good game in his career…lucky for him it was their Grey Cup win.

hes been a fat, underachieving head case that Calgary couldn’t wait to unload. Interesting that its for future considerations. He has no value unless he improves so if he meets certain requirements, like losing 50 pounds, showing up for the games and playing in more thn 6 I imagine Calgary will get something back.

There’s a reason why calgary unloaded him.

On the flip side I’ve never seen Montreal pick up so many players cut by others.

Naw, man, that's an exaggeration. Popp does a good job of finding talent, to be sure, but we have our depth issues just like everyone else. We don't have great depth at NI receiver, nor is our secondary particularly deep beyond the starting 5. And the backup to Avon Cobourne? The less said about Brandon Whitaker, the better. :lol:

In any case, Popp always picks up other teams' castoffs. The difference is that we don't pick them up expecting them to be our stars. A lot of the castoffs we sign never make it past training camp or spend the season hidden on the IR (e.g. Gavin Walls). It's always good to have options.

Labinjo is a one pump chump. One good performance in a GC and he thought he was the bee's knees. He's fat and slow as far as I'm concerned, the only loss is the fact that he's Canadian. After losing to the Riders "again" the Stamps need some fresh blood in some positions.

I think you're selling him just a bit short. He was great in the 2008 Grey Cup, I agree, but he was also terrific that entire 2008 season.

Since then, not so much. Out of shape, and I think the coaching staff messed with his head switching him back and forth between DT and DE. . .

...I agree MJ, while he may not be the impact player he was in 2008 he is still a competent end...his 2009 season was abyssmal yes but he rebounded somewhat in 2010, however by then the stamps had moved on with other players making him expendable...the shake-up will help him I bet...

....the Als fans should know regardless of his on-field skills he from what I understand is a decent fellow off the field, he is one of the few players in the league (import or not) that chooses to remain in Canada during the off-season and plays a part in the community...

The deal is pretty good, Huff threw in two of these to help

Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

Poutine and Montreal nightlife is going to be a deadly combination.
This guy had the game of his life in the biggest game of his life, but since then has been an overweight lazy dude.

I doubt he'll get his career turned around, but hopefully he does.

...^^ I disagree with the overweight lazy part.....yes back in '09 he showed up to training camp here in cowtown severely out of shape riding the ego high he got at the end of 2008 and expecting a secure job, his bad....however, he arrived at training camp in 2010 a whopping 50 lbs lighter than 2009, in better shape than quite possibly 2008, and eager to go, lesson learned, and saw his playing time limited by the meantime the stamps brought in other talent that made him tradeable, but he's a decent player still

I’m not a Stamps fan, so I don’t follow the team as closely as RedandWhite does, but my view as an outsider coincides here. Labinjo was on the right track this season but injury made him expendable. It happens to good players all the time. If Mike survives training camp, I’ll be very curious to see how Tim Burke uses him in our defense.

Anwar Stewart was someone the Stamps had given up on...

When a guy gets called out strongly in the media by the HC more than once (especially when the HC tells the media that if you don'tbetter play better you're gone) it's not surprising that he's no longer with that team. It's almost more surprising that it took this long.

Don't forget Keron Williams.

i was not impressed with the binj since the grey cup game, and the west final that year. in 2010 he almost was released near the beginning and then he was more of a backup then a shuffle in shuffle out player. siging of cory mace might have been the end of labinjo's career in calgary. i think he signed a prertty good contract after the 2008 grry cup. so this was also a slary dump as well. on the defense and offense lines calgary has pretty good canadian talent. hopefully they continue to develope aurthur and franklyn in the "ball catching department" cause thats where we need more canadian talent. honestly, i wont miss labinjo, but i hope he steels the show in montreal. with Montreal is voided because the Als. didn't comply ....They had a window to close the deal but it expired...Stamps are now stuck with the guy????I wonder if he'll just be released?????? :roll:

So now we get nothing for him. But he's Canadian so he will her picked up somewhere. This kinda trade stuff makes the CFL look less pro. Do you have a link?

It's on the CFL website: