Labelling Burris/Calvillo

After this game, do you think the media and fans of the CFL will label the losing quarterback as a "choke" or not a "big-game quarterback"? I mean Burris has already had this "title" associated with him for a few years now, just beginning to shed it by winning the West Final this year. But if he loses the big game this sunday, will the media and fans across the country forget about his West Final victory and go back to labelling him as a big game choke? On the other hand, Calvillo has been in five Grey Cups in his career and has only won one of them. I know that football is a team game, but some of the blame has to go on the quarterback, especially if his team wins only 1 of 6 grey cup appearances(which would be the case if the als lose sunday) throughout his career. Will Calvillo be remembered as the quarterback who "was outstanding in the regular season but couldn't get it done in the GC" if he loses this sunday? I am not personally labelling either of the quarterbacks with these names as of yet, but it is quite probable to say that their reputations are on the line, and that the media is probably just waiting to unleash the "choke" label to the losing qb.

You could also say that Wally Buono is a choke artist.... He should have atleast 6 Grey Cups by now (according to regular season)

In regards to Burris, I think it'll come down to how he plays. if he has a good game but still loses, I don't think you'll be able to label him as a choker. However, if he throws a couple picks and doesn't manage the game well, he could be labelled as a choker.

Personally, I hope both QBs play well simply because I want this game to be a high-scoring affair.

burris will be the peyton manning of the cfl. he was the big game choker for years until he brought home the title. and now he is a prolific qb. same will be for burris. he will be a high level qb that chokes until he wins the cup. after that he will be a prolific qb in the cfl.