Labbe retires

Pierre Luc Labbe will retire today to become a police officer. Needless to say, as a fan I'm appreciative of what he did for our club and wish him the best. At the same time losing him hurts our level of NI talent and we lose a guy who's basically Henoc's main backup. Too few players bust their butt as much as he did. He will be missed.

....Strong ...steady performer...Sad to see him go...Good luck to him in the future :thup:

I agree. Best of luck to him.

He's still young and can play. I'm surprised by this. Since he mentioned he wanted to return for another year. Maybe its a ploy so Ottawa does not claim him ?

RCMP has accepted his application and he said he needs to pass a physical. Continuing playing football for a couple of more years could interfere with that . Wise decision .

Thank you for this. Nice to see him have a career situation he likes :thup: