Labbe, Josh Bishop, and Chris Kowalczuk re-sign

......Great re-signings....especially Pierre Luc Labbe....Special teamer headed for good things with the Bombers...the other ni's showed promise especially Bishop...Good start to 2011 Mr. Mac. :thup:

Sounds like the NFL is interested in Jeffers-Harris but, since he hasn't been through the NFL draft yet, he isn't elligble to sign with a team and will here next year at least.

I'm glad these three have been re-signed especially Labbe.

…At least Harris knows he’ll have a pay-cheque up here…not so much in the nfl by the way things look right now :wink:…I didn’t think it would take long for those nfl scouts to come calling…they’re just out of luck right now :lol:

Labbe's full name is fun to say so he's okay in my books :wink:

…A source says a Bomber ‘tweet’ is suggesting a few Bomber signings are imminent…Among them Hefney, Hunt and Labatte …IF TRUE… :rockin: :rockin: