Labatte In, Khan Out

Six-year veteran Bombers centre Obby Khan, an almost permanent fixture on the Bombers offensive line, has been dropped down to second at that position on the Bombers depth chart heading into Saturday's first place showdown against the Montreal Alouettes at Canad Inns Stadium.

So all those games Lapo told us it wasn't the oline and now this? No wonder I don't like him. Bowler, I'm sorry for disagreeing with you and the others in the other thread but I felt it was my duty to defend the players.

Tells me Lapolice is nervous and does not have the confidence to win this game. Renaud and Khan have not played well but making those changes now is a shot in the dark. He will either be goat or genius. I can't see how the Bombers can run the football against Montreal.

I understand benching a player for poor performance, but why start the benchings so late in the season, especially when the replacement is not a natural center? Hard to see how Labatte will fare better than Khan at this point. You can practice the position part-time, but it's no substitute for first-team reps at that position, and it's certainly no substitute for live bullets. I guess we'll have to see. Montreal is already a tough team to run against. Changing your center isn't going to help matters, and that's not even getting into protection calls at the line and clean shotgun snaps.

Maybe Obie Khan's butt was getting sore after having Buck Pierce pull out these last minute wins during the regular season and PLP was just giving Khan a rest :lol:

or maybe khan has sucked for 5 years now and the biggest game of the year, which hey we won.. he decided to make the change.. 26-25 win tells me he made the right decision, should have been made a while ago but.. i suppose with vets like khan you give them the chance to play their way of their funk.. khan did not.. renaud did not.. jeffers harris did not... so they get benched. its really that simple.